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Recently, homeowners have begun to favour tankless water heater systems, emphasizing their space-saving design, prolonged operation and higher energy efficiency over traditional efficiency ones. However, over time, your system might start experiencing different issues, so our company is always ready to supply you with first-class tankless water heater repair services to ensure the unit’s optimal performance all the time.

Thanks to our specialists” extensive expertise and up-to-date tools, Superior HVAC Service deals with both gas and electric devices and eliminate breakdowns of any size and complexity. Be assured that your heat pump is subject to our restoration services regardless of its model or brand. We work with Bosch, Rheem, Takagi, Rinnai, Whirlpool and other manufacturers, providing our assistance at your convenience. And these are not empty words – by calling us even at night, you can schedule a same-day appointment, which is especially useful if you are in a situation of emergency.

What are the most common gas and electric tankless water heater breakdown symptoms that require immediate repair?

Based on our experience, homeowners only sometimes immediately pay attention to the fact that their unit is no longer operating as it used to. Even if the problem is minor, its elimination “in the bud” will help not only to prevent further damage to your property but also to avoid huge financial loss due to expensive restorations. Thus, hire our tankless water heater repair specialist if you encounter the following:

  • Lack of hot water. Having much less hot water available, or none at all, might be an indication of a problem related to mineral accumulation, gas supply issues and the unit’s faulty integral components. On site, we will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic and determine whether replacing separate parts or the system at all is better.
  • Unusual noises. Popping, hissing, or gurgling sounds coming from your HVAC device may be a sign not only of mineral buildup but also of a clogged burner. To get the unit working again, our experts will clean the burner orifice and remove any sediment or debris accumulated within the system.
  • Error codes. Error codes are shown by the device’s built-in diagnostic tools if there is a problem in the system. They may signal anything from a temporary loss of power to a major malfunction. Therefore, after interpreting the error message, our technicians will quickly find the underlying issue and repair your tankless water heater with no hassle.
  • Fluctuating water temperatures. Usually, inconsistent temperature changes supplied by your HVAC unit may indicate a broken heating element or malfunctioning/incorrectly set thermostat. To maintain its steady condition, our specialists will change these components. If the entire system is worn out, we will recommend a complete replacement.
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How much will it cost to repair the tankless water heater?

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Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer to this – in every particular case, our experts can provide clients with an accurate tankless water heater repair cost only after conducting a comprehensive diagnostic. Yet, the price formation factors themselves remain the same under all circumstances:

  • Type of repair. In general, doing regular maintenance or little restorations will be more cost-effective than performing major fixes or complete system replacements.
  • Unit’s age. The older the heater becomes, the more extensive repairs it will require. In addition, some replacement parts for such units are no longer manufactured or available, increasing the bill.
  • Heater’s accessibility. It may be more difficult to restore the system and could result in extra expenses if the unit requires disassembly or is set up in an inaccessible location like an attic or crawlspace.
  • Extent of damage. Some problems, like a clogged filter or a loose connection, can be easily restored cheaply. In contrast, others, like a broken heating element or corroded parts, may require more time and money to fix your tankless water heater.