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To keep your house warm and water hot all year long, a functioning boiler system is one of the most essential investments you can make. Whether building a new home or just giving a much-needed update for the old one, professional boiler installation and replacement assistance is the key to a unit’s long-lasting reliability. When applying to our company for help, you can rest assured that this procedure will be performed not only efficiently and safely but also at an affordable cost.

With our professionals’ years of experience and many completed training, we will easily help you pick up the best system to suit your needs and wishes. On site, we will remove an old one without damaging the installation spot, after which we will set up a new unit in accordance with existing codes and regulations. Also, you can always count on a complete labour warranty – a mandatory feature of our company. Initial planning, top-notch tools and upfront pricing – we know where your search for “boiler installation near me” stops!

When is it needed to carry out the boiler replacement?

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Having a boiler for decades and noticing a decrease in its efficiency, many homeowners are considering installing a new one. Thus, our team believes that it is best to perform such a replacement in the following situations:

  • Age and wear. Given that a typical boiler’s lifespan is 15-20 years, at this age, you may notice the first wear-and-tear signs, such as reduced performance and increased heating costs. Since expensive restorations may not always be effective, we recommend performing boiler replacement if such symptoms are present.
  • The unit breaks up regularly. In conjunction with the previous sign, boilers may develop issues such as leaks, malfunctions, and faulty components as they age. While maintenance and repairs are to be expected from time to time, a growing need for them may indicate that a replacement is necessary.
  • Unit’s inefficiency. It may indicate inefficiency or an undersized unit if your boiler has trouble heating your house uniformly or keeping it at an appropriate temperature. In this case, our specialists will help you access Government HVAC rebates, reducing the average cost of your boiler replacement.

Hiring our boiler installers brings you many pleasant benefits

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It is no secret that attempting to set up a boiler on your own can be associated with several significant risks. Thus, an inadequate installation often leads to faulty wiring and loose connections, which, in turn, can result in constant leakages, pressure loss, as well as potential gas or carbon monoxide leaks. In addition, inexperienced homeowners may not be aware of all ventilation requirements, which can also affect air quality, create unfavourable conditions for unit functioning and result in safety hazards. Eventually, by following DIY guides during the new boiler installation, you risk voiding the manufacturer warranty.

On the other hand, by trusting this procedure to our qualified specialists, you can always count on comprehensive assistance. So, first, we will accurately assess your heating needs and select the appropriate unit capacity and size for your specific demands. Using only up-to-date tools, we will ensure that all electrical and plumbing connections function as they should and all components are adjusted correctly. Furthermore, once our boiler pros install the unit, you will be provided with a warranty, which will help you not to worry about possible unit faults in the nearest future.

Government rebates

*  The amount of compensation is flexible and depends on several aspects. For example, your income level and the type of fuel you use to heat your home, such as gas or electricity. Factors such as whether you own your home, the age of your home and whether you have received any support from the state in the past are also considered.