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As it is well-known, only certified specialists should fix HVAC systems, in particular gas furnaces. Unfortunately, DIY solutions have often resulted in carbon monoxide poisoning, extensive damage to the appliance and fires.

Superior HVAC Service is ready to offer furnace repair in Vaughan to ensure you are safe from these dangers. We are on hand 24/7 to take care of your appliances as soon as possible.

We’re equally good at dealing with York, Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman and other brands. Experts with top qualifications, and reasonable costs. Are you looking for this? Our furnace specialists are ready to help!

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Gas furnaces can malfunction for various reasons. So, if you spot the issues described below, you must consult a technician for an accurate diagnosis and safe solutions.

  • Smells Furnaces can emit an odour when first installed, but the smell should diminish over time. However, if you experience an uncontrollable, abrupt smell, it could be time to inspect your furnace. Furthermore, poor combustion might be the cause of exhaust odours.
  • Unusual noises When you hear odd sounds like rattling, pounding, or moans, it may indicate a problem. If the noises continue, then contact our emergency furnace repair in Vaughan. We will determine the problem’s source and ensure your furnace isn’t in danger of catastrophic failure.
  • Uneven heating There shouldn’t be cold or hot spots in the home when your furnace operates in the way it is supposed to. Instead, you should have uniform warmth. If you notice a change in the temperature, it could be time to get in touch with a certified technician.

Knowing these warning signals and watching for any changes in your furnace’s operation, you can ensure that any possible problems are discovered early on. So, as soon as you notice any issues, contact Superior HVAC Service.

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Should Vaughan furnace experts repair or replace my unit?

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Many homeowners sometimes need help to choose between a gas furnace repair and appliance replacement in Vaughan. A certified technician can help you decide on this issue by considering the following factors:

  • Spare parts availability Finding replacement parts for an old model appliance can be difficult. Therefore, the only other option is to replace your gas furnace.
  • The age of the furnace and wear If your gas furnace is around 30 years old, it may be prone to frequent breakdowns. But is spending money on repairing such an old appliance reasonable? It will not function for the rest of your life anyway.
  • Repair costs versus replacement Repairing a gas furnace could cost more than buying an entirely new one, especially if the breakdown is severe.
  • Personal preferences If you’re not looking to replace your furnace, a trained expert can find a solution to bring it back up to speed. However, remember that a dated or worn-out furnace cannot perform at its maximum capacity.

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