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As is common knowledge, only licensed professionals should service HVAC systems, particularly gas furnaces. After all, DIY fixes have frequently resulted in fires, major damage to the appliance, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

To make sure you never experience any of those concerns, we at Superior HVAC Service perform emergency gas furnace repair for you in Whitby. Our advantages over competitors include thorough diagnostics, quick repairs, and the lowest costs.

It’s important to note that we are proficient in handling any brand, whether it’s York, Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, or a product made by any other manufacturer. Highly skilled professionals, reasonable prices, and always available assistance. Does this match your search criteria? Then, call our experts for help!

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There are many signs of a malfunctioning gas furnace. So, if you notice the problems described below, you must consult a technician for an accurate diagnosis and safe solutions.

  • Smells Furnaces might emit a smell when newly installed for some time. However, if you notice the odour persists or appears suddenly and lasts, it could be the right time to have the furnace checked.
  • Unusual noises Most gas furnaces produce a constant vibrating sound, letting you know it’s operating smoothly. But, if you experience odd noises, such as pounding, rattling, hums or moans, it may indicate an issue. Contact us for repair when the noises continue. We’ll pinpoint the issue’s source and ensure your furnace isn’t at risk of failure.
  • Uneven heating If your furnace is working correctly, there shouldn’t be any hot or cold spots within the home. Instead, there should be uniform warmth. If you notice a drastic temperature change, it may be time to call a certified technician.

Knowing these warning signals and watching for any changes in your furnace’s operation, you can ensure that any possible problems are discovered early on. So, as soon as you notice any issues, contact Superior HVAC Service.

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How do our specialists in Whitby perform furnace repair?

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Many homeowners sometimes have to decide between gas furnace repair and appliance replacement in Whitby. A trained technician will help you make a sound decision by weighing several vital factors, including the following:

  • Availability of spare parts If your appliance belongs to an outdated model, searching for its spare parts may become a real challenge. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives other than replacing your furnace in this case.
  • Furnace age If your furnace is 30 years old, it will suffer regular breakdowns. How effective is fixing an old system? It will eventually cease functioning.
  • Cost of repair versus replacement Repairing a gas furnace can cost more than buying a new one in case of a major breakdown. You can restore the appliance or buy a new one to save money.
  • Personal preferences If you don’t want to replace your old furnace, a trained expert can find a solution to make the system work again. Still, be aware that a dated or worn-out furnace will only operate at a partial capacity.

Our 24 hour furnace repair experts in Whitby will go above and beyond to get your appliance up and running again. Superior HVAC Service technicians are waiting to help you!