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heat pump repair service in Oshawa

At Superior HVAC Service, we specialise in providing prompt and reliable heat pump repair services in Oshawa. Our experienced engineers are dedicated to helping you keep your heat pump working at the maximum. Our professionalism is confirmed by certifications and years of experience in the industry.

We are aware of the importance of having a fully operational heat pump, particularly in the colder months. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer and emergency services to swiftly resolve any issues.

Our team of experts is trained to repair any type of heat pump. It can be air, ground, absorption, or water source heat pumps; we have enough knowledge and practice to deal with any type of breakdown. Our Oshawa heat pump repair specialists can fix the unit in apartments and houses, restoring your comfort in a blink of an eye.

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When to call the Oshawa heat pump repair experts?

Oshawa heat pump system repair

Like any other mechanical system, heat pumps may experience occasional breakdowns that require the attention of a professional. Here are some common symptoms that may indicate a malfunction:

  • Unusual noises It can be caused by dirty filters, leaks of refrigerant, or just a faulty fan or motor. We will diagnose and repair the issue;
  • Difficulty turning the system on or off The problem may arise due to faulty wiring, but sometimes it can indicate issues with the thermostat or condenser. If required, our experts in heat pumps repair in Oshawa will replace the parts;
  • Poor performance When the system stops working as well as it once did, it can be an indication that you need to examine your thermostat, find refrigerant leaks, or simply clean air filters;
  • Foul odours. Such a symptom can adversely affect your health. It can be caused by bacteria or mould. Our experts will inspect the coils and ducts and remove filth;
  • Ice build-up on the outdoor unit Besides dirty air filters, this symptom may indicate a refrigerant leak or a faulty defrost cycle, which requires the professional intervention of an expert.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is crucial to call in experts for heat pump repairs in Oshawa as soon as possible.

The main steps of heat pumps repair in Oshawa

repair heat pump in Oshawa

At Superior HVAC Service, we follow a thorough heat pump repair process that consists of the next steps:

  • Visual examination we perform a visual inspection of the heat pump to identify any visible indications of damage or wear;
  • Electrical check During this stage, we examine all electrical parts to guarantee they are operating correctly. This involves inspecting the wiring, connections, and control board;
  • Changing damaged parts If any parts are found to be damaged or not functioning correctly, we will replace them to restore the heat pump to optimal performance;
  • Checking capability Finally, we verify the performance through testing to ensure that all changes have been successful.

If you need to fix a heat pump in Oshawa, get in touch with Superior HVAC Service. We are dedicated to providing instant and reasonably priced services for preserving the uninterrupted operation of your heat pump.