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When any of your HVAC units need repair in Barrie, we can bring them back to apex efficiency in no time!

Superior HVAC Service has been a leader in the industry for many years. We’ve seen it all when it comes to heating and cooling systems. We always bring our tools with us when we visit our customers. This allows us to identify and fix the problem on the spot. Most often, filters need to be replaced, and air ducts must be cleaned to ensure uninterrupted airflow throughout the system. Sometimes it is necessary to check the fan, heat exchanger, or limit switch. Whatever the problem or whatever brand of equipment you have (Rheem Goodman Carrier York, Rheem Goodman, and more), you can rely on our heating and air conditioning experts in Barrie. We will exceed your expectations by providing a comprehensive service.

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As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on your equipment and respond quickly to any changes in its operation. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most common breakdowns that our Barrie HVAC services cover.

  • Gas furnace. Clogged or dirty air filters and ignition control problems, faulty thermostats or circuit breakers, and a blocked flame sensor are the most common malfunctions our technicians encounter. For other types of furnace repair, call us anytime!
  • Boiler. The most frequent complaints from our customers are limescale, sludge accumulation leaks and a faulty thermostat. They also complain of freezing condensate pipes, low-pressure and a malfunctioning thermometer.
  • Heat pump. There are many problems, including insufficient airflow, overheating of the unit, dirty filters, a heat exchanger that does not work, and a faulty fan motor or reverse switch, low refrigerant level.
  • AC (central or ductless). As a trusted HVAC contractor in Barrie, we can solve the problem of a blocked drain, worn seals, leaks, and dirty filters, as well as a frozen or damaged compressor or evaporator coil. We can also repair faulty thermostats and circuit breakers, as well as faulty thermostats and dirty filters. Contact our experts to get the problem solved quickly and safely.
  • Water heaters, either gas or electric. We can determine the cause of your problem in minutes using our advanced technology and expertise. Leaks, damaged gaskets, excessive heat, insufficient pressure, a faulty safety valve, a faulty heating element, a thermostat, or a dirty vent flue are repaired by our experienced HVAC service technicians in Barrie in most cases.

HVAC systems require regular maintenance and upkeep to work properly. In the absence of professional help, you could face many issues, such as decreased efficiency, higher use of energy, and the possibility of system failure. With our team, you’ll be equipped to solve your most common problems and ensure the utmost comfort and safety in your house!

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How much does Barrie HVAC repair cost?

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Repairing your HVAC system can be less expensive than replacing the entire system. How much will it cost? Every HVAC company in Barrie takes several elements into consideration when determining the price.

  • The difficulty of the repair, as well as the damaged component. HVAC equipment can be complex and, as a result, have many (expensive) sophisticated parts that need to be replaced. While replacing a circuit valve or board is relatively cheap, changing a condenser coil, compressor, or evaporator coil can cost about three or four times as much.
  • The age of your equipment. It may be more cost-effective to upgrade the HVAC system if it’s outdated or inefficient, even though it can be repaired. The average service life of such units is 10-15 years. Before making an important decision, let our qualified Barrie HVAC repair professionals examine the overall condition of your system and the price of replacing rather than repairing it.
  • Other details of the repair. This includes labour costs, type of the system, the accessibility of the device, time of the year (costs will increase when there is a high need for HVAC specialists), warranty, ductwork, special permits and a lot of other factors.

As you can observe, there are many aspects to consider, which is why our experts will never give the repair cost without fully examining your equipment. Contact us today and get an accurate assessment of your case and all available repair options from the best HVAC service company in Barrie!