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Suppose you need an efficient source of hot water to meet your residential or commercial requirements. In that case, the boiler is the most preferred option. If your unit is not working, you could find yourself with no hot water. Superior HVAC Service offers affordable boiler repair services in Milton to prevent such problems. Why should you work with us?

Our experts’ vast experience can handle both gas and electric equipment, regardless of whether your boiler is intended for water supply or building heating. We can also restore many top brands like Baxi, Bosch, Biasi, Ariston, Atag and more. Our all-in-one service is available the same day after your initial call.

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Milton?

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In contrast to conventional boilers that require a storage tank, combi boilers can heat the water on demand and combine a central heating system and water heater in a single unit. Even the smallest issues with combi boilers could require the assistance of a Milton repair specialist. Our team frequently solves these problems:

  • Insufficient hot water or heating This problem can be solved by replacing the thermostat, as it is a common cause of failure. We can also clean your system if necessary or replace any other component that has failed, such as a damaged drain valve or pump.
  • Boiler leakage Most often, we encounter leaks caused by a damaged safety valve or fittings and pipes that have corroded. Our technicians will determine the cause of the leak, then repair or replace the damaged component, and remove and replace any corroded pipes.
  • Unusual noises Your device may make sounds such as hissing, knocking, or gurgling. Our experts can identify many problems caused by clogged heat exchangers, broken pumps or air locks. During a combi boiler repair in Milton, we will clean/replace the heat exchanger, restore the pump and bleed the radiators to remove airlocks.
  • Low water pressure It could be caused by several things, such as a faulty pressure relief system, a leak in the system or a problem with the water supply. Technicians will personally check the boiler for leaks. They will also check the water supply and replace any faulty valves.

If you notice something amiss, all you have to do is call us or submit a request online – we’ll do the rest!

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Which factors affect our Milton boiler repair cost?

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It is impossible to determine the exact cost over the phone. To do this, our specialist must come to your home and diagnose your unit thoroughly. However, all the variables which affect the final bill are fixed and are used to determine the total cost of all boiler repairs in Milton:

  • Unit’s type For instance, it would be more difficult and, therefore, more expensive to repair combi boilers than heating-only ones.
  • The complexity of restoration The most important factor is the damage’s extent; therefore, small issues such as a malfunctioning thermostat might be less costly to fix than a damaged heat exchanger.
  • Cost of labour This factor can vary depending on the expertise and experience of the technician.

Generally, our prices are adjusted to reflect the current average price in the Canadian market, allowing us to offer various restoration options that will meet your budget and needs. We also adhere to the “no hidden fee” policy that excludes any unexpected charges that could be added to your invoice for gas or electric boiler repair in Milton.