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Gas furnaces are reliable in terms of warmth, energy efficiency, and convenience. However, when problems arise, homeowners are inconvenienced and need fast furnace repair in Burlington to get back to a comfortable temperature.

No matter what happens to your appliance, Superior HVAC Service’s on-call technicians will get it back on track! Our specialists will thoroughly inspect the system and reliably repair it. In addition, in the event of an emergency, we will promptly eliminate the breakdown and guarantee your safety, as gas appliances that run on fuel must be repaired immediately in the event of a malfunction.

We service well-known Canadian brands such as Lennox, Keeprite, Bryant, Carrier and others in the same fast and efficient manner. Additionally, thanks to their extensive knowledge, our Burlington furnace repair technicians are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each brand, making the restoration process much easier and faster. Superior HVAC Service can provide you with first-class service, fast and inexpensive!

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Although the service life of a gas furnace can last up to 20 years, breakdowns still occur. How do you know when to contact a specialist for diagnosis? Here are some signs to look out for and contact a specialist at the earliest possible time:

  • The unit won’t turn on If your furnace won’t turn on or turns on and off at random intervals, it’s likely the thermostat is to blame. This part can become damaged over time if not properly maintained.
  • Strange noises If your furnace is making crackling, rattling, chirping, or banging noises, this is a warning sign that you need emergency furnace repair in Burlington. These sounds could be the result of a lost metal component or a broken fan blade.
  • Constant blowing If the limit switch does not work, the oven may blow cold air continuously. A qualified technician can fix the problem in minutes.
  • Gas smell Your home may be at risk of carbon monoxide leakage due to a faulty heat exchanger. Turn off the furnace and then call an expert immediately if you smell gas. Do not put your family or home in danger.
  • Flickering pilot light A smoky, flashing, oddly coloured pilot light is a sign of a problem, especially excess carbon monoxide. Be sure to stop using the furnace when you notice this and call gas furnace repair specialists in Burlington.

Each of these signs can indicate both minor and serious problems. Gas appliances should be checked by a professional to be repaired safely!

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What do our Burlington furnace repair professionals do?

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Our HVAC specialists are experienced in identifying and fixing any problems. Here’s a little more information about the services we offer:

  • Parts replacement Superior HVAC Service can do this quickly and easily, as we supply parts directly from the manufacturers. They will last your furnace for many years.
  • Repair Regardless of the cause of the problem, we will fix it the same day. We also offer a warranty on all repairs to give you peace of mind. Plus, our 24-hour furnace repair support is available in Burlington and the surrounding areas, so you can count on expert assistance even at night.
  • Cleaning We will thoroughly clean your furnace to eliminate any potential problems.
  • Installation There are several factors to consider when setting up gas furnaces, such as the size of the appliance’s vents, programmable duct thermostats, and more. We will customize your furnace and make it work to its full potential.

You will never regret choosing our services. Who would regret the best service for the lowest cost?