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Superior HVAC Service can offer exceptional boiler repair services in Pickering. We employ only professionals with deep expertise, proficient skills, and industry-leading certifications. Furthermore, we have the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to handle electric and gas issues efficiently.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tools enable us to efficiently maintain electric and gas-powered systems. Furthermore, we offer reliable repair services for well-known boiler brands such as Atag, Main, Bosch, Ferroli, Ravenheat, etc., regardless of the model’s age or condition.

Finally, our Pickering boiler repair team can swiftly address a leaking boiler without any hassles due to our around-the-clock telephone assistance and accessible regional experts. With our prompt response, you can expect top pros to be at your doorstep as soon as you contact us.

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Pickering?

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There are three different kinds of boilers: combination, system, and heat-only. The combi one heats water on demand as opposed to the latter two, which use hot water cylinders and storage tanks. However, regardless of the type of unit you have, we are prepared to assist you in resolving the following issues:

  • No heat or hot water A malfunctioning thermostat, a clogged pipe, or a damaged diaphragm could cause this common problem. We will fix or replace your thermostat, replace a diaphragm, and clear any pipe blockages.
  • Ignition failure Did you notice that your unit is unable to ignite? In this instance, our specialists will test components like the ignition electrode, thermocouple burner, and pilot jet and clean or replace them with OEM spare components.
  • Strange sounds Air in the system or low water pressure may lead to gurgling and banging. At the same time, rattling or grinding noises could result from a faulty fan or motor. Our specialist will pinpoint the source of the problem and then perform combi boiler repair in Pickering quickly and securely.
  • Leaking This issue’s potential causes can be damaged pump seals, faulty pressure valves and even corroded pipes. In any case, we’ll quickly and effectively find the source of a leak.

Remember that DIY repairs can not only delay achieving the desired result but might also result in injuries and more damage. To avoid it, get help from our experts, who will ensure the project’s 100% success within the strictest safety precautions.

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How do our specialists in Pickering perform boiler repair?

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We plan your project to the last detail by considering the boiler’s specifics. We usually follow a few simple steps in all boiler repairs we perform in Pickering.

  • Initial examination Our technicians will inspect your boiler to detect all issues.
  • Lubrication Some components, like bearings or pumps, could require lubrication to function correctly, so we always do this.
  • Electricity check We ensure the electrical parts and wires work well so the heating and cooling system can work properly.
  • Replacement of parts In most cases, replacing the components is the most appropriate solution if they are too worn out or damaged. For example, we often change valves, sensors, heat exchangers, and thermostats.
  • Testing When the restoration is complete, our team will ensure everything functions. This phase involves inspecting the unit pressure, leaks and efficiency.

Rely on us if you are looking for a reliable electric or gas boiler repair in Pickering!