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Superior HVAC Service is a top provider of heat pump repair and maintenance in Markham. Our certified and experienced technicians are experts in their field and can accurately diagnose and fix issues.

We handle a variety of heat pump models and brands, including Carrier, Lennox, Trane, and York.

Furthermore, we know that emergencies could occur at any moment. That is why we offer the same day service. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to repair your appliance as fast as possible and to minimize interruptions to your routine.

Markham-Based Heat Pump Repair: Vital Components That Keep Your System Working Seamlessly

Markham heat pump system repair

The heat pump system comprises many components that need to be replaced or repaired at some point during its lifespan. Here are the parts we usually fix in heat pump repairs for our customers in Markham:

  • Control boards. The control board is responsible for the operation of the system. Electrical malfunctions or power surges sometimes cause its failure.
  • Condensing coils. Condensing coils are in the outdoor unit and play a vital role in transferring heat from the indoor and outdoor units. Unfortunately, debris and dirt can block them, leading to poor performance.
  • Compressor. The compressor is the heart of the appliance. It is responsible for pumping refrigerant from the indoors to the outside unit. But sometimes, it can cause your heat pump to fail due to damage, electrical issues or a lack of maintenance.
  • Leaks. Refrigerant is a chemical that transfers heat between outdoor and indoor units. When it leaks, heat pumps stop functioning correctly. Fortunately, our heat pumps repair experts in Markham can repair leaks within an hour.
  • Fan motor. It blows air over the condensing coils on the outer unit, facilitating heat transfer. If the fan motor fails, the system may overheat or perform poorly.

Heat Pumps Repair in Markham: Factors That Impact the Cost of Fixing Your System

hvac heat pump repair in Markham

Repairing a heater may be more or less costly, depending on various factors. Specifically, the cost can be influenced by the following aspects:

  • Type of heat pump. Different models and brands require various repair techniques, which may impact the service price.
  • Technicians” expertise. Highly skilled and certified technicians charge higher for repairs. However, they are better at detecting problems and repairing the issue faster. Anyway, our heat pump repair service in Markham is of high quality and cheap.
  • Repair complexity. While a simple repair (such as replacing a fuse or cleaning condensing coils) could be cheaper, a more complex repair (such as replacing the compressor or control board) can be more costly.
  • The cost of spare parts. Some components, such as the compressor or control board, are expensive to replace. But utilizing top-quality OEM components will ensure longevity and reliability.

We provide an honest and transparent estimate before beginning any work. So, contact Superior HVAC Service to fix a heat pump in Markham and get your system back up and running again.

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