Air duct cleaning professionals on guard for your safety

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Despite its great essence, air duct cleaning can be challenging for an average homeowner. Enlist the assistance of the skilled professionals at Superior HVAC Service to do the job right!

Ductwork debris can accumulate over time, provoking allergies and increasing utility bills as your equipment works harder. Our seasoned technicians know how your air ducts function and the best way to clean them. With years of background in the industry, they have handled the most complex cases and brought the air ducts to their pristine condition. They will restore proper air quality in your home using the latest technology and unrivalled expertise. Repairing smoke damage, exhaust fan, evaporator coil, air conditioner condenser and post-construction duct cleaning – all this and more will be carried out to the highest standards. We have the tools and experience necessary to keep you breathing easy!

The most common air duct contaminants and the dangers they pose

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  • For efficient cleaning, it is important to know what is getting into your ductwork and how. Contaminants can enter the HVAC system (exhaust or supply lines and ventilation ducts) in a variety of ways and not only cause mould growth and unwanted odours but affect air quality as well.
  • Dust and dirt. Dust accumulates on almost any indoor surface, including air ducts. With our unrivalled and affordable air duct cleaning services, you will reduce the number of particles that enter your air ducts, but dust and dirt still get there through air movement.
  • Building waste. In some cases, construction waste can also pollute air ducts. Examples include asbestos and small pieces of drywall. These debris particles are most commonly found in homes located near active construction sites. It is essential to clean up construction waste quickly, as it can be very hazardous if inhaled.
  • Mould and organic allergens. In small amounts, these particles do not have any significant impact on your health, but if accumulated continuously, they can cause negative reactions (worsening allergy symptoms, asthma attacks or breathing problems). If duct cleaning services are neglected, mould can also grow in air ducts with enough moisture and become a serious air pollutant.
  • Pollen, germs, and other allergens, among other debris, make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus that pollute the air as it circulates, filling your home and lungs with toxins.
  • Hiring our skilled specialists is the best way to prevent this vicious cycle. With proper tools and training, they can address the problem quickly!

Effective methods of air duct cleaning in the hands of professionals

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  • Some homeowners prefer to handle home maintenance themselves rather than call in an air duct cleaning service. However, this procedure requires certain skills and specialized equipment. We at Superior HVAC Service conduct a video inspection to choose the most appropriate duct cleaning method for your case:
  • Mechanical cleaning. This effective cleaning method is most often used for vertical duct maintenance. It is accomplished by physically scraping deposits from the duct walls. It is convenient for removing minor contaminants like dust, cobwebs and small stones.
  • Foam dry cleaning. This method is highly effective for grease deposits that are not easily removable by mechanical means. During the foam dryer duct cleaning process, a special grease-breaking compound is sprayed inside the duct. The deposit is separated from the surface and its remains are removed by air masses or vacuumed up.
  • Combined method. This method involves the use of mechanical devices and special cleaning foam. This combination allows you to achieve good results with different types of contaminants. The procedure can be either completely manual or automated, where vacuum devices are used to remove residual dirt.

Clean air ducts are important not only for the proper functioning of your equipment but also for the overall comfort of your family. For the best results, we recommend maintaining your ducts at least once or twice a year. Our prestige duct cleaning solutions are definitely worth trying!