Emergency heat pump repair is no longer a dream in St. Catharines

repair heat pump in St. Catharines

Your heat pump is no longer cooling your home? Have you noticed the mould growth on the wall and leaks? All these problems will no longer be your headache if you seek our professional heat pump repair services in St. Catharines. Why should you cooperate with our company?

At Superior HVAC Service, we pay special attention to the selection of certified and experienced professionals. Each technician has at least 5 years of knowledge in this business, has completed extensive apprenticeships and received top certificates. Also, we restore , apartment and home heat pumps, as well as deal with their different models and brands, including Rheem, LG, Trane, Daikin, Amana, Lennox, etc. Even when your system needs emergency assistance, we won’t leave you alone – thanks to our 24/7 telephone support and specialists’ flexible appointment time, we will arrive on the same day after your call!

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What are the main symptoms of your unit malfunctioning that require heat pump repair in St. Catharines?

St. Catharines heat pump system repair

Despite the rapid growth of DIY guides recently, they have become helpful remedies only when dealing with minor issues, while most complex heat pumps restorations are still better left to our repair experts in St. Catharines; it will help you avoid further harm to your unit, injuries, and property damage. So, we can eliminate the following breakdown symptoms:

  • Reduced cooling or heating output. Suppose your device fails to provide these 2 functions adequately. In that case, it may be caused by various factors – from a faulty thermostat to a broken compressor. On arrival, we will easily identify the underlying issue, after which we will replace all damaged or dirty components using OEM spare parts.
  • Short-cycling. Have you noticed that your unit turns on and off frequently? Such a fault may result from malfunctioning various elements, including malfunctioning thermostats, clogged air filters or low refrigerant levels. After diagnosing the exact cause, we would carry out the appropriate course of action: replace all faulty elements, adjust the thermostat, clean the filters and recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant.
  • Strange noises. Grinding or banging noises are a sign of incorrect operation of the unit and usually indicate motor or fan blade issues. In this case, we will fix the heat pump in St. Catharines by finding out the problem’s source, replacing damaged parts, tightening/securing them or changing the coil.
  • Leaking unit. Usually, heat pumps might start leaking water or refrigerant due to two main malfunctioning components: a corroded coil and a damaged refrigerant line. In the first case, we would simply replace the coil, and in the second case, change the pipe and recharge the refrigerant to the proper levels.

Which algorithm do we follow when providing heat pump repair assistance in St. Catharines?

heat pump repair service in St. Catharines

When it comes to our professional services, we always pay great attention to project planning. Thus, we finish the restoration in time and do not miss its most crucial stages. For instance, during St. Catharines heat pump repair, we usually carry out the following:

  • Visual inspection. First, we check the unit for obvious defects, such as corroded components, leaks, signs of wear and tear, etc. Also, we always conduct extensive diagnostics to test the condition of every internal element, including air filters, connections and fittings.
  • Wiring check. This stage implies testing the heat pump’s electrical components and wiring. Here, we inspect the system for frayed cables and broken or loose connections and examine the unit’s electrical controls to ensure everything is intact.
  • Components replacement. If some element is too worn-out or damaged, we advise replacing them. For instance, it usually concerns the condenser coil, compressor, thermostat or fan motor, as all these parts may contribute to the unit’s performance issues.
  • Final testing. Once the heat pump repairs in St. Catharines are complete, we will ensure that the device functions as it should: check the airflow and temperature and test the system’s energy efficiency and general protection against possible leaks.