Hiring our experts to carry out tankless water heater installation is a win-win decision!

Are you looking for a cost-saving device that can provide you with hot water on demand, even in limited spaces? Then, installing a tankless water heater can become a one-stop solution for your preferences, and our specialists will do everything possible for such a procedure to be carried out safely and effectively. What can our company offer to a potential customer?

Each of our employees has 5+ years working with HVAC equipment and has completed many comprehensive apprenticeships, allowing them to ensure high-quality work during the whole process – from planning to final testing. Thanks to the experts’ extensive expertise and modern instruments, we can not only easily replace the worn-out heater and set up a new one but also choose the latter based on the customer’s initial demands and preferences. Furthermore, once the tankless water heater installation is finished, the client will be provided with a complete labour warranty, further protecting you from unpredictable overpayments. Call us now or schedule a visit online – the personal approach is guaranteed!

When is it necessary to consider the tankless water heater replacement?

Sometimes, changing an HVAC system is better than attempting to restore it. So, there are a few common signs indicating the necessity to purchase a new water heater:

  • The unit is outdated. Our team believes this device’s typical lifespan is around 20 years, after which homeowners may notice distinctive signs of decline. For instance, frequent breakdowns, decreased hot water output, and rising energy usage are all indicators that the tankless water heater replacement should be executed immediately.
  • Different water-consuming requirements. Your present unit may be unable to handle the increasing necessity for hot water if there have been substantial changes in your house, such as an increase in family size or the appearance of new fixtures (such as a spa or extra bathrooms). Thus, upgrading to a larger or more powerful heater may be necessary.
  • It requires frequent and costly fixes. Sometimes, every HVAC unit requires some minor restorations. Still, when it starts to cost an arm and a leg and needs fixing on a regular basis, our team recommends investing in purchasing a new device.

Our experts will install your tankless water heater in a blink of an eye!

install propane tankless water heater

Keep in mind that it’s always better for HVAC units to be set up by a trained pro for several significant reasons. First, our tankless water heater specialists will check out the plumbing and listen to clients” wishes to determine the optimal capacity and size of the unit and install it correctly. Second, we deal with both electric and gas systems, guaranteeing that the whole procedure is done safely. Also, our technics are aware of local building codes/regulations, so you can be certain that your future project will be fully compliant with them.

At the same time, any inexperienced homeowner needs to keep in mind the risks associated with executing such a project on their own. The most obvious danger is a lack of knowledge, which in most cases leads to frequent breakdowns due to faulty wiring, incorrect venting or inadequate plumbing connections. This way, you may experience not only excessive water damage but also gas leaks and electrical shock, which may affect your health. In addition, DIY restorations result in voiding a manufacturer warranty, leaving only you responsible for any further restorations. Trust the tankless water heater installation and stop looking for “near me specialists”; we will guarantee the HVAC system’s proper functioning for years to come!

Government rebates

We work closely with state representatives to help you receive a rebate and can assist you with all the necessary documentation. The compensation amount you receive is based on your income level and the type of fuel you use to heat your home, either gas or electricity. Other factors such as home ownership, age of the property, and any state support received previously are also considered.