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Without the need for ducting, a ductless AC may be set up directly in the area that needs to be cooled. However, even this technology can experience issues, resulting in decreased efficiency, frequent breakdowns and costly restorations. But not with our company! Superior HVAC Service offers high-quality ductless air conditioner repair services that suit your demands and budget. Thus, our extensive expertise covers most major brands, including Haier, LG, Lennox, Samsung, American Standard, Amana, Carrier, Trane, etc., and our up-to-most equipment will allow us to perform a complex initial diagnostic and reveal the most minor defects you didn’t notice.

Furthermore, thanks to our technicians’ flexible appointment time and 24/7 customer service, AC’s breakdown can be eliminated on the same day after your initial call, as well as at any time convenient for you. Consult with us via phone or schedule a visit online – and we will give your cooling system a second life!

What are the most common signs that your ductless air conditioner needs professional troubleshooting?

Even without special education or experience in this field, homeowners must understand when their ductless mini-split AC requires repair. Thus, by being aware of such symptoms, you can prevent further damage, which usually results in expensive restorations or replacement of the entire system.

  • Leaking water. Usually, water leakage may be caused by different factors, including a blocked condensate drain, a damaged evaporator coil and a clogged refrigerant line. Remember that allowing water to gather within the system might shorten its elements’ lifespan, diminish its overall effectiveness, as well as cause electrical components to short out.
  • Foul odours. A musty smell coming from your AC might indicate various problems – from clogged air filters and electrical faults to mildew and mould development. If the source of the odour is not eliminated in time, the unpleasant smell will spread throughout the house and make living there unbearable. In addition, the growth of mould and mildew not only poses a threat to your family’s health but also to the integrity of the AC’s internal components.
  • Lack of cool air. If your unit stops producing cool air in the right amount or at all, it would require reliable ductless air conditioning repair due to a dirty air filter, broken compressor, refrigerant leak, or incorrectly set thermostat. If not fixed in time, the system will have to work more than required to compensate for the absence of cold air, which would increase energy consumption (your utility bills) and decrease efficiency. Also, such an approach might limit the unit’s lifespan over time due to excessive wear and tear.
  • Unusual noises. Grinding, rattling, or buzzing sounds coming from the device might be a sign of debris in the system, a faulty fan motor, or damaged parts. Remember that by neglecting to carry out your ductless AC repair, you will not only inflict further damage to the system, resulting in its decreased effectiveness but also overpay for eliminating ignored underlying issues causing such noises.

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Be assured that by seeking help from our specialists, you will get quality advice and one-stop solutions for each mentioned ductless air conditioning repair symptom. Trust your unit to Superior HVAC Service now, and we will make it run smoothly again in a blink of an eye!

Our team is trained to provide repairs for different ductless air conditioning parts!

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Based on our experience, complete system replacement is not always the most cost-effective solution, especially when there is a possibility to repair your ductless air conditioning unit’s separate integral elements. For instance, we usually replace or restore the following:

  • Condenser coil. When the coil gets dirty or damaged, it loses efficiency and can even lead to system malfunction – to prevent this from happening, we can maintain and clean it regularly, as well as replace it if needed.
  • Fan motor. To make poor unit performance and reduced airflow no longer a concern for customers, our specialists replace this component using only OEM spare parts.
  • Thermostat. Inefficient operation of the system or its complete absence is possible if the thermostat is broken or improperly calibrated; that’s why we restore it or, in some cases, replace this element to regain the unit’s original cooling power.
  • Compressor. Since this element’s fault or wear-and-tear can cause such frequent problems as a lack of cool air or strange sounds, we often fix your ductless air conditioning unit by replacing it with a new one for the system’s continued operation and efficiency.