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HVAC units are a tricky thing to fix, and only experts can do it. That is particularly relevant to gas furnaces since DIY repairs have often resulted in carbon monoxide poisoning and even severe appliance damage.

Superior HVAC Service is ready to offer furnace repair in St. Catharines to ensure your safety. We are renowned for our accurate diagnoses, fast maintenance, and reasonable prices. Moreover, our pros are available 24/7 to assist you since we know the risks gas furnaces can bring.

Finally, we’re equally good at dealing with York, Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman and other brands. Experts with top qualifications, reasonable costs, and willing to help 24/7. Are you looking for this? Our furnace specialists are ready to help!

Fix your broken furnace with pros in St. Catharines

Furnaces may malfunction for various reasons. If you notice the symptoms and signs listed below, call a reliable St. Catharines furnace repair expert immediately for a correct diagnosis and a safe solution.

  • Smells When newly installed, gas furnaces may emit an unpleasant odour, but it should disappear over time. However, if you experience a constant smell, it could be time to inspect your furnace.
  • Uneven heating If the furnace operates correctly, you shouldn’t have hot or cold spots within the home. It should be uniformly warm all over the house.
  • Strange sounds Gas furnaces usually produce a continuous whirring sound that indicates they are in good working order. However, if you notice unusual noises such as rattling, humming, or groaning, it could mean a problem.

Call our emergency furnace repair service in St. Catharines, and we will pinpoint the cause of the issue and ensure that your furnace isn’t suffering an unavoidable failure.

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Trust us to provide cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for any HVAC issue.

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Should St. Catharines furnace experts repair or replace my unit?

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As we have learned through experience, many homeowners need professional help and advice in choosing between gas furnace repair and replacement in St. Catharines. Fortunately, our qualified technician can assist you in making the best choice by considering the following critical factors:

  • Availability of spare parts You may have a hard time finding spare parts for an outdated device. Unfortunately, that means replacing your gas furnace is your only option.
  • Wear and tear Gas furnaces over 30 years old are more likely to suffer regular breakdowns. What is the effectiveness of repairing an old system? You can’t expect a system to last your entire life, so it will eventually shut down.
  • Repair vs. replacement cost Repairing a gas furnace could cost more than buying an entirely new unit in case of a significant breakdown. You can restore your old appliance or buy a new one and save money.
  • Personal preferences A skilled technician will assist you even if you don’t want to avoid replacing your older furnace. However, keep in mind that a dated or damaged furnace will perform at a limited capacity.

Superior HVAC Service technicians will do their best when you request our 24 hour furnace repair in St. Catharines!