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Many people don’t think about how much they rely on water heaters until they run into problems. For trustworthy and durable water heater repair in Cambridge, there is no better option than Superior HVAC Service! Our company specializes in providing the best deals on gas or electric units. During our work in the industry, we have dealted with numerous brands and models of classic tank or tankless devices (Whirlpool, Noritz, Bosch, EcoSmart, Navien, Rheem and others), so be sure your unit is on the list.

All our customers know that anytime they hire us for a job, they can count on same-day repairs from a friendly and proficient team of technicians with a pure reputation and vast expertise!

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No matter how modern and convenient they are, all types of heaters are prone to developing issues as they wear out. The most typical malfunctions our Cambridge water heater repair experts deal with are the following:

  • Cold water This issue is reported most often. This may be due to a faulty or incorrectly adjusted thermostat, extinguished pilot light or a tripped breaker. If restarting the device fails to help, it’s better to call in a technician who can tackle the issue.
  • Leaking A leak may be caused by a loose drain valve – tightening it may help. If it doesn”t, you probably have a more costly problem and will need to replace the tank or the entire water heater.
  • Unpleasant water smell This usually occurs when hot water is left in the tank for too long. To make sure that the problem is related to your device, turn on only cold water. If you don’t smell anything, the odour is most likely coming from the hot water heating unit and it is time for repairs from our Cambridge team. To solve this issue, our pros will clean and sanitize the water heater tank.
  • Error codes Although you can try to solve some water heater problems, such as error codes, yourself, it still requires some skill and experience, so it is highly recommended to hire an expert for this purpose!

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When you’re considering water heater repair, it’s natural to be concerned about the price. How much will a water heater repair cost? There are several factors that can determine the answer to this question:

  • The age of your unit These devices are not designed to last forever, and they typically serve for 8 to 12 years. If your classic or tankless water heater is old and you are considering a short-term repair in Cambridge, replacing it will be more cost-effective.
  • Make and model Some devices are simply more expensive to service. This explains the fluctuations in repair costs.
  • The defective part and extent of the breakdown The cost of repairs depends heavily on the nature of the breakdown and the need to purchase new spare parts. Only a professional will be able to accurately diagnose your case and give you an exact price.

Our goal is to offer our community the fairest prices. We offer attractive discounts, stick to the “no hidden fees” principle and our skilled engineers will always consult you on the customized hot water tank repair in Cambridge!

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