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Are you hearing odd noises coming from your boiler? Are you worried about water damage when your boiler leaks? Then, you’ve found excellent service – Superior HVAC Service offers reliable boiler repair for electric and gas systems in Guelph.

Moreover, we service any boiler, whether a combination, heat-only, or system boiler. We know how to deal with multiple major manufacturers, including Biasi, Grant, Bosch, Ferroli, Interglas, and Heatline. Therefore we can locate the right OEM spare parts and have all the diagnostic and repair tools.

In addition, due to our technicians’ flexible appointment times and dedicated round-the-clock client support, you can receive assistance in an emergency the same day you call us!

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Guelph?

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Based on our experiences, homeowners typically choose a combination boiler as the ideal heating option for their house. In addition to providing central heating, this HVAC device can instantly supply its owners with endless hot water. But unfortunately, because of the large number of complicated parts, this equipment can face a myriad of issues, making you in Guelph look for boiler repair experts.

  • The decrease in pressure The pressure in the boiler can go down if there are problems like a broken part that controls how much water can be in the boiler, a valve that should release excess pressure not working, or leaks in the system. We will repair broken pieces and stop the leak from reoccurring at your place.
  • The heat or hot water is not working For example, a broken pump or valve and a malfunctioning thermostat can indicate something is wrong. We can change your thermostat or fix it if needed.
  • The appliance can’t start Many things can cause this problem, like a broken thermostat, blown fuses, or a pilot light that doesn’t work. Anyway, we know what to do for efficient combi boiler repair in Guelph.
  • Water leaks Your boiler or pipes may have a leak that lets water into your heating system. Leaking is when water comes out of places it shouldn’t. It can happen because lines are old and rusty or the pump seal or discharge valve is broken. To fix the problem, we will check the boiler for damage and replace any parts that need fixing.

Call us anytime or connect with the specialist online – we know how to eliminate the malfunction in the most critical situation.

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How do our specialists in Guelph perform boiler repair?

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When you want to fix your boiler yourself, it’s essential to understand what you can and can’t do. For example, let’s say the problem is too complicated, or the owner needs to learn how to fix it. If you need help, it’s better to ask a person who knows what they’re doing and has everything they need to do it.

If you choose our team for boiler repairs in Guelph, our technicians will do the following:

  • Visual inspection First, we inspect the unit to check for any visible defects. We then conduct a comprehensive diagnostic to determine the cause of the issue and the severity of the damage.
  • Lubrication No secret is that specific boiler components are only functioning properly with greasing. That is why our boiler repair experts typically grease components like bearings, valves, and motors.
  • Wiring checking The next step is to check the electrical connections. It usually involves thermostats, switches and fuses.
  • Components replacement If possible, we will fix damaged components. However, if the thermostat or heat exchanger is damaged, we’ll replace them.
  • Final testing We conduct various tests after the restoration to ensure the unit functions properly. It includes checking for leaks, connections, fittings and overall performance.

Our proficient team can instantly handle your electric or gas boiler repair in Guelph!