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Vaughan heat pump system repair

Your heat pump is no longer cooling your house? Have you noticed the mould growing on the walls and leaks? These issues will be fixed if you seek our professional heat pump repair services in Vaughan. Why should you choose to work with us?

We pay special attention to choosing professionals with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Each technician has at least 5 years of knowledge in the field, completed extensive apprenticeships and received top certificates. We also repair the home and apartment heat pumps and deal with various models and brands, including Rheem, LG, Trane, Daikin, Amana, Lennox, etc.

We will always be there if your system urgently needs assistance. We offer 24/7 service via phone and flexible appointment times!

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What are the main symptoms of your unit malfunctioning that require heat pump repair in Vaughan?

hvac heat pump repair in Vaughan

It is best to delegate heat pump repairs to our Vaughan repair experts. This will prevent any further damage to your unit and injuries. So, we can eliminate the following:

  • Reduced cooling or heating output If your device doesn’t work well for these two things, many things can make it happen, like a thermostat that doesn’t work right or a broken compressor. When we get there, we’ll figure out what’s wrong and change any broken or dirty parts with reliable replacement parts.
  • Short-cycling The unit turns off and on frequently? Such a fault may result from the malfunction of different components, including malfunctioning thermostats, obstructions in air filters, or a low refrigerant level. We’ll take the steps necessary to resolve the issue. It includes replacing all the faulty components, adjusting the thermostat, cleaning the filters, and recharging the system with adequate refrigerant.
  • Strange noises Grinding or banging noises are a sign of incorrect functioning of the unit. They usually indicate motor or fan blade problems. In this case, we can quickly perform heat pumps repair in Vaughan, finding the source of the issue and replacing the damaged components by tightening/securing them and changing the coil.
  • Leaking unit Heat pumps may leak refrigerant or water when they suffer from two malfunctioning parts: a corroded coil and a faulty refrigerant line. In the first instance, we’d simply replace the coil, and in the second, replace the pipe and replenish the refrigerant back to its proper levels.

Which algorithm do we follow when providing heat pump repair assistance in Vaughan?

heat pump repair service in Vaughan

When it comes to our professional services, we always take great care in the planning of projects. As a result, we complete the restoration in time and can handle all its crucial stages.

Here is what our experts typically do to fix a heat pump in Vaughan:

  • Inspection The first step is to check the unit for apparent defects, such as corroded components, leaks, signs of wear and tear etc. Additionally, we run thorough diagnostics to check the condition of each internal part, including air filters, connections and fittings.
  • Wiring check This step involves testing the electrical components and wiring of the heat pump. The heat pump is inspected for frayed wires, broken connections and loose connections.
  • Repair of components We recommend replacing worn or damaged parts, including the condenser, compressor, thermostat or fan motor, since they often cause malfunctions.
  • Final testing We will test the device to make sure it is working correctly. We will check the temperature, airflow and energy efficiency.

Why do Vaughan residents prefer our heat pump repair services? Because we are responsible, fast, and affordable!