Same-day boiler repair is no longer a dream in London, Ontario!

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Among all HVAC equipment, the boiler is deservedly ranked as the most reliable source of hot water. However, even such a trustworthy device can experience various malfunctions, leading to the need for qualified assistance. At Superior HVAC Service, we have everything necessary to provide Canadians with emergency gas and electric boiler repair in London at an affordable price.

Remember that it is generally not recommended for homeowners to perform such restorations on their own for various reasons – from serious injuries to voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. In turn, by trusting this procedure to our experienced technicians with top certificates, you can expect them to safely eliminate the problem of any complexity, covered by our own complete labour warranty.

What are the most common combi boiler faults we repair in London, Ontario?

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As an average homeowner, you may not always identify the issue’s source correctly, let alone eliminate it qualitatively. Fortunately, thanks to our team, you only need to inform us about «breakdown symptoms», and we will carry out the boiler repairs in London for you. For instance, you may encounter the following:

  • No hot water or heating Often, this symptom may be associated with various issues, including a malfunctioning thermostat, broken diverted/motorized valve or low system pressure. We will check the relevant components on-site and replace faulty ones if necessary.
  • Weird sounds Depending on the nature of the noises, one can define their causes: for instance, banging or clanking sounds could be caused by trapped air in the system or a broken heat pump. At the same time, hissing or whistling noises may result from a leak in the system or water flow issues. Anyway, our combi boiler repair technicians in London will inspect the unit to determine the root of the problem, after which they will replace all faulty components.
  • Higher energy bills Usually, this symptom indicates a non-effectively running boiler, which, in turn, could be caused by various reasons – from incorrect pressure settings to a dirty burner or heat exchanger. Our specialists will make necessary adjustments, clean blockages, or replace broken components to eliminate this issue.
  • Flame colour changing Changing from the steady blue flame to yellow or orange may indicate incomplete combustion caused by a faulty gas valve, blocked flue or dirty burner. As in the previous case, if cleaning procedures are insufficient to complete the gas boiler repair in London, we will simply replace faulty parts.

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Our London boiler repair specialists will carry out the project in 5 stages

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One of the main advantages of hiring qualified technicians is both detailed planning and execution of each stage in accordance with existing safety standards. So, on-site, we will follow the below-mentioned algorithm:

  • Visual examination First, we check the unit for obvious damage signs, then conduct complex diagnostics to uncover the smallest defects.
  • Lubrication Next, our London boiler repair specialists often grease such components as motors and pumps, which allows you to ensure their correct functioning and prevent wear and tear.
  • Wiring check To ensure proper electrical components’ operation, we usually check fuses and circuit breakers, as well as test wiring connections.
  • Broken components’ replacement Given the examination conducted, we change faulty or worn-out parts using OEM components at this stage.
  • Final testing After assembling the unit, we will ensure it operates correctly: check it for leaks, and verify its pressure and general efficiency.

Be assured that your unit will be subject to our restoration regardless of its type or manufacturer – our extensive expertise covers a lot of major brands, including Taxi, Main, Potterton, Ravenheat, Keston, Bosch, etc. Trust your boiler to our repair specialists in London and we will ensure its optimal performance for years to come!