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Suppose you need a reliable source of hot water for residential or commercial needs. In that case, the boiler becomes the number one choice. However, an out-of-hot water situation may still become a reality if your unit malfunctions.

To nip such breakdowns in the bud, our Superior HVAC Service company offers high-quality boiler repair assistance in Barrie, affordable for every Canadian. Why should you cooperate with us?

Our technicians’ extensive expertise allows us to handle both gas and electric equipment, regardless of your boiler’s purpose (for providing water or heating the building). Also, restore units of many major brands, including Baxi, Bosch, Biasi, Ariston, Atag and others.

Furthermore, our one-stop solutions are available even on the same day after your initial call – consult with our 24/7 telephone support and see it for yourself!

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Barrie?

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Unlike conventional boilers, which require a storage tank, combination ones can heat the water on demand and combine a central heating system and water heater in a single unit. It is essential to understand that since the boiling technology itself is more complex, even the smallest combi boiler malfunctions may require a qualified repair specialist in Barrie. So, our team regularly addresses the following issues:

  • Lack of hot water or heating This common issue can be resolved by replacing the thermostat as the typical malfunction cause. However, if needed, we can still clean the system or replace other faulty components – a broken pump or a malfunctioning diverter valve.
  • Leaking boiler A damaged pressure relief valve, rusted pipes or fittings, or a malfunctioning heat exchanger are the most possible leakage causes we face. On arrival, our technician will identify its source, restore/replace damaged components, as well as drain the system and change corroded pipes.
  • Unusual sounds Have you noticed banging, hissing or gurgling noises coming from the device? They can identify various issues, including clogged heat exchangers, airlocks, or broken pumps. To carry out the Barrie boiler repair in this situation, we clean/replace the heat exchanger, restore the pump and bleed the radiators to eliminate airlocks.
  • Low water pressure Since this problem can cause your unit to stop working or produce insufficient heat, its elimination should be a priority. It may be caused by several factors, including a faulty pressure relief valve, system leak or water supply issues. On-site, the technicians will examine your boiler for leaks, ensure a correctly functioning water supply or replace the faulty valves.

Solving these problems on your own can negatively affect the whole mechanism because you can damage functional elements. Call our pro and stay 100% satisfied.

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Which factors affect our Barrie boiler repair cost?

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It is no secret that calculating the accurate price by phone is impossible – to do this, our specialist first comes on-site and conducts a comprehensive diagnostic. Yet, all the factors that will influence your final bill are fixed and applied to all Barrie boiler repairs:

  • Unit’s type For instance, it would be more difficult and, therefore, more expensive to fix combi boilers in comparison with heat-only ones.
  • Labour costs This factor can vary depending on the expertise and experience of the technician.
  • Restoration complexity Here, the key factor is the damage’s extent; therefore, minor problems such as a malfunctioning thermostat may be less expensive to fix than a broken heat exchanger.
  • Parts and materials Depending on the age and model of the device, it might be more difficult to find available spare parts, which will entail an overall cost increase.

Generally, our prices are adjusted to the average on the Canadian market, which will allow us to provide several restoration options to suit your needs and budget. Also, we adhere to the «no hidden fees» policy, which will save your final bill for gas or electric boiler repair in Barrie from unexpected expenses.