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air handler repair service

Heat or cool air would not spread throughout your house without an air handler. If your unit has stopped working as it used to, no need to search “air handler repair near me” – the experts at Superior HVAC Service can diagnose the device and fix it right!

You can fully rely on our professional engineers to fix, install or replace an air handler of any brand or model. We will send one of our best technicians to your home to deliver the solutions you need on the same day you apply or at another convenient time. With us, your air handler will work just like new again!

Expert air handler troubleshooting solutions meant to last

Preventive maintenance can minimize the need for service, but the nature of an air handler requires attention from time to time. Watching for signs of malfunction will help you avoid unforeseen air handling unit repairs.

  • Leaks or dirt inside the unit. Dirty, damp, leaky, or rodent-infested fan compartments can lead to poor indoor air quality, mould growth, and serious health hazards. To avoid these problems, the device should be cleaned and inspected regularly.
  • Weird noises. This sign usually indicates a broken fan blade, which can have a significant impact on airflow and even damage other components. When the fan is spinning, you may hear a loud knocking or grinding noise, so it’s best to turn it off until repaired.
  • Motor failure. If the unit does not start, you may have a problem with the motor. This is a mechanical problem that requires an air handler technician to fix, so don”t delay calling a professional.
Don’t let HVAC problems linger

We have the expertise and resources to tackle any HVAC issue, providing cost-effective, long-term solutions.

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The attempt to DIY the repair to save money is inappropriate when it comes to HVAC. It is a highly specialized field and a significant investment. Therefore, it makes sense to protect it by hiring a qualified service. We at Superior HVAC Service proudly apply high-quality products and equipment, and our trained technicians always ensure that all our valued customers are satisfied with the results!

Have an expert air handler technician take care of your appliance

air handler technician

Just like any other device, your air handler can get worn down. But don’t rush to buy a brand-new one in case your current one seems to malfunction – our skilled air handler troubleshooting pros can easily replace or repair the core components of your unit:

  • Air filters. Clogged air filters can cause many problems, including poor airflow and increased allergies, so it is vital to have them replaced on time. Our skilled engineers carry out such repairs swiftly and easily.
  • Blower motor. There can be several reasons for a blade motor failure, such as a malfunction of the relay, control board, capacitor, fan itself, or fan wheel. Our specialists can diagnose the cause and replace the defective component quickly.
  • Limit switch. If this component fails, the fan will operate erratically or stop working completely. Our qualified air handling unit repair service expert can quickly fix this problem and restore cooling or heating in no time.
  • Evaporator coils. Dirty and over-frozen coils may damage the compressor unit, which can be very expensive to repair. In extreme cases, the entire air conditioning system may need to be replaced. Our local HVAC technicians can check the evaporator coils and compressor as part of regular maintenance and repair or replace them when needed.

At Superior HVAC Service, we know how important it is to keep your home comfortable and prolong the service life of your device. We are completely client-oriented and 100% professional, so hiring our local air handler service company with a good track record is the best way to make sure that your equipment is more efficient and less likely to fail when you need it most!