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Do you have a gas furnace that is failing to do its job? Get it repaired before the cold weather sets in!

Superior HVAC Service is proud to be a part of your community, serving your apartment, house or condo furnace repair needs. Our certified craftsmen can restore furnaces of all makes and models, regardless of the manufacturer, degree or complexity of the breakdown. Licensed and experienced, our courteous techs are ready to provide you with fast, quality service right the first time and at your convenience. We deliver seasonal maintenance that can prevent emergencies with reliable, certified care.

Our seasoned, qualified professionals have seen it all when it comes to gas furnaces. They will examine your unit thoroughly, inspect the breakers and switches, clean an air filter, check the condensate pan or brush off the flame sensor. For the best furnace repair, our vans are stocked with genuine spare parts, so any defective component will be replaced easily and quickly. Keep your home in top shape with our expert same-day service, state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective heating solutions!

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Your furnace is one of the most sophisticated appliances in your home, so when it fails, there is no time to waste. Among the many possible breakdowns, the most common are the following:

  • Inadequate heating. If your unit produces no or very little heat regardless of the settings, schedule furnace repair. The most common causes of insufficient heat are leaky ductwork that leaks treated air and a faulty thermostat that doesn’t properly interact with the device.
  • Unusual smells coming from the unit. Most odours dissipate as the unit operates. However, if you smell a strong fuel odour that won’t go away over time, you may have a problem with your furnace. These odours can be the result of a wide range of issues, from gas leaks to excessive dust accumulation.
  • The furnace won”t turn on. If you have to turn on the unit or restart the furnace several times throughout the day, you are likely in need of repair. These issues are often caused by disconnected wiring or a damaged thermostat. Replacing the faulty part should solve the problem.
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If you recognize any of the problems on this list or other ones, our technicians can fix them easily. We have been the leading furnace repair company for years and have repaired hundreds of furnaces that have suffered from a wide range of issues. Whether your furnace needs a simple pilot light replacement or something much more complex, we are the right team for the job!

How much does fixing a furnace cost for scheduled and emergency situations?

furnace repairs near me

The cost of furnace repair depends on several crucial factors. Prices may differ due to the following aspects:

  • Type of repair. This includes the labour involved, the accessibility of the furnace, the local HVAC technician’s rates, the spare parts needed, and the warranty available.
  • The age of your furnace. When maintained properly, a furnace can last around 20 years. A worn-out unit will run inefficiently and eventually break down, forcing you to seek costly “emergency furnace repair near me”. Plus, it can be quite difficult to find spare parts for old models, which certainly affects the cost of repairs.
  • The severity of the breakdown. No doubt, the complexity of the breakdown and the defective part itself determine the repair cost the most. The three most expensive furnace components are the fan motor, the circuit board and the draft inducer motor while cleaning the filter or fixing the igniter will be less costly.

Remember that the exact quote can only be determined by a qualified specialist after a full inspection of your furnace and an assessment of the required scope of work. At Superior HVAC Service, we offer attractive discounts and always announce the cost of repairs in advance, so you can be sure that our 24/7 furnace repair solutions are cost-effective!