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Suppose you need a reliable hot water source for your commercial or residential needs. The boiler is the best solution in this situation. However, an out-of-hot water situation may still become real if the unit is not working correctly. Superior HVAC Service offers affordable boiler repair services in Mississauga to help you avoid these issues. Why should you hire us?

We have the expertise to repair both electric and gas boilers, whether they are used for heating or providing hot water. We can also restore many major brands, including Baxi, Bosch, Biasi, Ariston, Atag, and more. Additionally, our single-stop services are accessible the same day you call us. Consult our 24-hour expert assistance and test it out for yourself!

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Mississauga?

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Unlike conventional boilers, which require storage tanks, combi boilers can heat water on demand and combine central heating and water heater in a single unit. However, even the most minor of problems with combi boilers may require the assistance of a Mississauga boiler repair specialist. This is because the combi boiler mechanisms are more complicated.

Here are the most common combi boiler faults our team repairs:

  • The absence of heat or no hot water The thermostat is the most common cause of this problem. However, we can quickly fix it and repair other faulty components – a broken pump or a faulty diverter valve.
  • Leaking boiler A damaged relief valve, rusted fittings or pipes, or a faulty heat exchanger are some of the most common causes of leaks we have to deal with. Our technicians will determine the cause of the leak, repair/replace the damaged component, and remove or replace corroded lines.
  • Unusual sounds You may have heard hissing, rattling or gurgling coming from your unit. Technicians can identify many problems caused by clogged heat exchangers, broken pumps or sluices. To complete a combi boiler repair in Mississauga, we clean or replace the heat exchanger, reinstall the pump, and blow out the radiators to remove airlocks.
  • Low water pressure Several factors, including a faulty safety valve, a leak in the system, or problems with the water supply, can cause this. Technicians will inspect your boiler on site for leaks. They will also check the water supply and replace faulty valves.

Solving these problems on your own can negatively affect the whole mechanism because you can damage functional elements. Call our pro and stay 100% satisfied.

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Which factors affect our Mississauga boiler repair cost?

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As a rule, it’s impossible to calculate the exact service price over the phone. To determine the price, the expert will need to visit your home and conduct a thorough diagnosis.

But before that, you can look at a few factors that impact your final cost of boiler repairs in Mississauga:

  • Unit type It is more challenging and pricey to fix a combination boiler than a heating-only one.
  • Cost of labour The cost of labour can be affected by the experience and skills of a technician.
  • Restoration complexity For example, a broken heat exchanger could cost less to repair than a thermostat.
  • Materials and components Depending on the age and model of the device, it may be harder to find spare parts, which could result in an overall price rise.

Generally, our prices are adjusted to reflect the current average price in the Canadian market that allows us to provide a range of restoration options that will meet your budget and needs. Also, we adhere to the “no hidden costs” policy. This will save your final bill for electric or gas boiler repair in Mississauga from unexpected costs.