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Suppose you need a reliable source of hot water for your residential or commercial needs. In this case, the boiler becomes the most preferred option. However, an out-of-hot water situation could be an issue if your boiler malfunctions. Superior HVAC Service offers affordable boiler repair services in Markham to help you avoid these issues. Why should you cooperate with us?

We can fix gas and electric boilers, whether used for heating or providing hot water. We also deal with many popular brands, including Baxi, Bosch, Biasi, Ariston, Atag and more. Our one-stop services are accessible on the same day after your initial call – consult with our 24/7 telephone support and see it for yourself!

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Markham?

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Unlike conventional boilers, which require a storage tank, combi boilers can heat water as needed and combine central heating and water heater into one unit. Even the smallest of combi boiler problems may need the assistance of a Markham boiler repair specialist. Our team is constantly addressing the issues listed below.

  • Lack of hot water or heating The thermostat is a common cause of this problem. However, fixing the problem or replacing other defective components, such as a faulty pump or diverter valve, is possible.
  • Leaking boiler Leaks often occur due to an unrepaired pressure relief valve or rusted fittings and pipes. Our technicians identify the source of the leak. They can repair or replace damaged components and drain and replace corroded piping.
  • Strange noises You may hear hissing, knocking, or gurgling noises from your gadget. Experts can identify various problems that clogged heat exchangers, broken pumps or air locks can cause. To complete combi boiler repair in Markham, we clean/replace the heat exchanger, rebuild the pump and blow out the radiators to remove air blockages
  • Low water pressure It may be caused by many factors, including an inoperative pressure relief valve or system leak, as well as water supply problems. The technicians will inspect your boiler on-site to look for leaks. They will also inspect the water supply and replace any faulty valves.

If you notice something amiss, all you have to do is call us or submit a request online – we’ll do the rest!

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Which factors affect our Markham boiler repair cost?

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It is no secret that calculating the accurate price for boiler repairs in Markham by phone is impossible – to do this, our specialist first comes on-site and performs a thorough diagnostic. These factors also influence the final cost:

  • Unit’s type For instance, it would be more difficult and expensive to fix combi boilers than only heating boilers.
  • Cost of labour This factor can vary depending on the experience of the technician.
  • The complexity of restoration The damage is what matters most. A damaged heat exchanger may cost less to repair than a thermostat that’s not functioning.
  • Materials and components Depending on the model and age of the device, it could be more difficult to locate spare parts. This will entail an overall cost increase.

Our prices are typically adjusted to match the Canadian average, which allows us to provide a range of restoration options that suit your budget and needs. Also, we adhere to the “no hidden costs” policy, which will help to reduce your final cost for electric or gas boiler repair in Markham.