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Properly working AC is a critically needed element for any indoor space during the summer. However, the unit cannot stay in the «property working» condition without proper servicing. Therefore, high-quality air conditioner service and maintenance are the main guarantees of a pleasant indoor environment. At our company, we have everything needed to provide you with such assistance for both commercial and residential needs.

Our team consists of only qualified and experienced specialists who have already undergone various training and solve different-size issues on a regular basis. In addition to servicing both central and ductless types of AC, we also work with multiple brands (Lennox, Trane, Carrier, LG, Samsung, American Standard, etc.) and models of your favourite devices. Call us now or book an appointment online – we’re ready to help you anytime!

Why is requesting AC maintenance services important?

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Based on our experience, many home and business owners still neglect AC’s regular maintenance, believing such assistance wastes time and money. Annual air conditioner maintenance brings a lot of significant advantages to both the unit and your health, among which are the following:

  • Higher air quality. Regular maintenance, including cleaning or changing air filters and checking for good drainage, often promotes IAQ improvement. Given that a not-serviced system may recirculate allergens, pollutants, and dust, maintenance is crucial for the comfort and health of you and your family.
  • Prolonged lifespan. It is well-known that your air conditioner will last longer with regular servicing and correct cleaning. Technicians may catch problems early and fix them before they worsen, extending the life of essential parts by avoiding premature wear-out.
  • Cost savings. As practise shows, preventative maintenance of air conditioners usually costs less than HVAC emergency repairs or complete system replacements.
  • Good energy efficiency. You can reduce your energy use and, in turn, your electricity expenses by keeping your air conditioner in good condition. Since worn-out components and dirty filters only worsen the situation, forcing the unit to work harder, regular maintenance will help you return your device’s «former glory.»

Choosing our best air conditioner maintenance assistance is the key to success!

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The main task of our company is to leave the client satisfied under any circumstances. To achieve this goal, our central and ductless air conditioner maintenance experts pay great attention to structuring the whole process, providing prompt assistance without compromising on quality.

  • Complex assessment. First, we conduct a comprehensive diagnostic of the AC system, paying attention to all components without exception.
  • Personal approach. We listen to customer complaints and suggestions to resolve existing problems.
  • Precise estimate. Since our company strictly adheres to the «no hidden fees» policy, we always announce the final price in advance and stick to it during the whole process.
  • Valuable tips. Once the maintenance is over, we will share many useful tips to help you keep your unit at peak efficiency between the scheduled visits.

Stop relying on doubtful contractors. We will provide you with the maintenance of air conditioners and make it quicker, more efficient and safer!

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