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Your heat pump gets heavy use, especially if it runs year-round for heating and cooling. That’s why regular maintenance is imperative to ensure that your investment lasts a long time.

Superior HVAC Service provides residential and commercial heat pump maintenance service for systems of any complexity and works with all brands and models (Rheem, Goodman, Amana, Maytag, Lennox and many others). Our skilled technicians can service heat pumps on site in both apartments and houses. We usually perform preventive maintenance at least once or twice a year. This allows us to examine your heat pump, make minor adjustments, and provide suggestions for improvement. Such a process will save you a significant amount of money on major repairs!

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Your heat pump works hard to keep your home comfortable all year round, so it’s important to give it the attention and care it deserves. A bit of maintenance on your heat pump can greatly improve its performance, lower your heating and cooling bills, and ensure your peace of mind. With proper heat pumps maintenance, you can save money on your energy bills, avoid costly breakdowns, improve indoor air quality, extend the service life of your unit, preserve the warranty and simply enjoy more comfort.

Remember that there are often signs of malfunction before a heat pump fails. If you’re lucky enough to notice them, you can avoid unwanted damage to your system and minimize repair costs. The most common symptoms of heat pump failure are weird odours, random turning on/off, noisy operation, poor heating, and more. If you notice these or any other suspicious symptoms, do not hesitate to call qualified heat pump system maintenance specialists.

From replacing belts to installing a new compressor, our experts can offer fast and reliable heat pump repair and maintenance. We have the skills to perform virtually any service your system may need, so calling us for your heat pump service is the smart choice!

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If you’re looking for a way to keep your heat pump running smoothly, call Superior HVAC Service today. We can help you schedule routine maintenance for your system and keep it running properly by fixing any minor issues. Here are some key steps our technicians perform during heat pump annual or scheduled maintenance:

  • clean or replace filters;
  • clean the coils;
  • check refrigerant levels;
  • inspect the ductwork for leaks;
  • lubricate moving parts;
  • check electrical connections;
  • calibrate the thermostat.

When our technicians perform preventive maintenance, they want to make sure your unit is operating at peak performance, so they check its overall integrity, key safety features, and individual components. Our specialists will also pay attention to issues such as obstructions and system wiring, as well as evaluate your entire HVAC system to make sure your home stays comfortable year-round. Don’t wait until your unit has a problem to call for help. Be proactive and take advantage of our best heat pump maintenance services now!

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