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Superior HVAC Service is a licensed company specializing in gas and electric boiler repairs in Clarington. Our staff is knowledgeable about the most popular boiler brands like Delta, Noble, and Navien and knows how to deal with them. We understand that a faulty boiler can cause a lot of hassle, so we offer 24/7 emergency boiler repair service to quickly get your appliance back to running.

It’s important to be aware that fixing a boiler on your own is extremely risky. It can cause gas leaks, electric shock or even explosives. In addition, trying to fix the boiler yourself can invalidate any insurance or warranty you may have and leave you financially liable for any damages or accidents that may occur during repair. So instead, we encourage you to trust our experienced experts in boiler repair in Clarington to fix everything you want.

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Clarington?

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We focus on repairing electric and gas boilers, including combi boilers that provide heating and hot water. So, it’s essential to call our aces to arrange boiler repair if your unit is not working, making odd noises, or leaking. There are many reasons why a boiler can have such signs:

  • A malfunctioning thermostat The thermostat could malfunction due to many reasons, such as issues with wiring or power. If this happens, our experts will inspect the thermostat and replace it.
  • Frozen condensate pipe This part is responsible for transporting the boiler’s acidic water to a drain. Our Clarington boiler repair experts will identify the location of the blockage and eliminate the problem;
  • Problems with the radiator Radiators with too much air can be blown out to eliminate the air. If the problem persists, however, the problem may be due to sediment. We’re here to help, and our experts will fix the issue in a matter of minutes.
  • Faulty pump Pumps are responsible for the circulation of hot water through the boiler. A simple human error or a poor installation could cause it. We will check it and implement the correct solution.
  • Pipes or radiators are blocked Hard water is among the most common reasons for blockages in boiler pipes. We’ll perform a thorough flush to get rid of any accumulation and ensure the proper flow of water.

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Which factors affect our boiler repairs cost in Clarington?

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A well-working boiler is a crucial element in the comfort of your home. So, if it breaks down, you may want to know the aspects affecting the cost of repair:

  • The type of unit Combi boiler repair might cost more than fixing a conventional one because the former is a smaller unit that combines the essential functions of central heating boilers and water heaters. Furthermore, it comes with more intricate systems of pipes and valves.
  • Expert qualification A highly qualified technician with many years of practice has worked with a wide variety of models of boilers and has an in-depth understanding of the various repair techniques. Unfortunately, they charge higher for their services.
  • Repair complexity The price is low if the repair requires tightening loose connectors or adjusting the thermostat. However, if the specialist determines that certain parts must be replaced, the cost will be increased accordingly.

Superior HVAC Service understands that every repair procedure is unique, so we provide transparent pricing to our clients. Our boiler repair professionals will assess your boiler and give you an upfront cost estimate before beginning any work.

Pick us and witness the exceptional skills of our professionals in handling all kinds of electric or gas boiler repair services in Clarington.