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Are you struggling with a gas boiler that isn’t functioning correctly and making your life more difficult? At Superior HVAC Service, we understand how stressful this can be. We don’t just offer fast and affordable solutions; we also bring back your peace of mind. If you’re looking for the best boiler repair service in Laval, Superior HVAC Service is the top choice.

  • Certified technicians. Our technicians have the latest tools and know-how to solve your problem quickly. We continue to train our staff to ensure they meet the latest industry standards.
  • Service guarantee: We are committed to your complete satisfaction. We offer a 3-month warranty on all parts and services.
  • Our team works quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained and well-equipped technicians are ready to repair your boiler the day you call us.
  • Customer satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied with our services. Our representatives will answer your questions and help you make the most cost-effective choice.

What are our most common boiler repairs in Laval?

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Our experts can fix boiler problems for any manufacturer, including Ariston, Grant, Ferroli, Biasi, and Vaillant. We tackle the following boiler repairs issues in Laval :

  1. Cold water or no heat. The problem may be a defective diaphragm or diverter valve that regulates the water flow in your system. In some cases, resetting the boiler or testing the thermostat’s settings may help. However, it is often best to seek the assistance of an expert.
  2. Leaking. Leaks are a common problem. They can be caused by corroded components, a poorly fitting valve or a damaged seal. Minor leaks can sometimes be fixed by tightening the fittings, but deteriorating parts require replacement.
  3. Unusual noises. Unusual noises such as whistling, banging or rumbling can have various causes, such as sludge buildup, limescale or trapped air in the system. If you are unsure what’s causing the noise, it’s best to consult a Laval boiler expert to get professional repair service.
  4. Low pressure in the boiler. Low pressure in the boiler can be caused by several underlying issues such as leaks, a malfunctioning pressure relief valve, or radiators that need flushing. To restore pressure, use the loop for filling. If the issue persists, it could be a more serious problem. It’s best to call an expert for help in such cases.

Catching these problems early will help make boiler repairs in Laval easier. Contact Superior HVAC Service today to restore heat to your home!

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