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The boiler is an essential, integral element of your residential HVAC system; Therefore, almost any failure can leave you and your family without reliable heating or hot water supply. Now, avoiding such situations is quite simple since our company has all the resources to supply you with high-quality boiler repair assistance in Welland.

Our main advantage is the team consisting of licensed specialists who are able to handle both gas and electric units. It does not matter your unit’s type (combi or heat only) or the manufacturer (Lennox, Baxi, Fulton, Rentech, Rinnai, etc.) since we have completed many apprenticeships to fix all of them. Even if you get into an emergency, we can help you at your convenience – our same-day appointment feature is accessible thanks to 24/7 telephone support and the technician’s flexible schedule. Whether your device doesn’t heat the water or produces weird noises, our team knows how to solve it – consult with our managers or schedule a visit online!

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Since the boiler, like any other HVAC unit, is a complex system, various components within it work together and ensure efficient and safe operation. Our Welland team’s mission is to conduct boiler repair and restore the following elements, ensuring that they work smoothly:

Heat exchanger. This component is responsible for delivering heat from the combustion gases to the water. This way, its failure will negatively affect the device’s operation, resulting in gas/water leakages, reduced efficiency and higher utility bills.

Ignition system. Combustion can’t begin until the fuel-air combination is ignited, and that’s where the ignition system (pilot light or electronic ignition) comes in. If it fails, the unit can’t ignite, leading to frozen pipes, discomfort and no-heat-situation eventually.

Gas valve. As the name suggests, it regulates the quantity of natural gas or propane entering the burner. Therefore, if the combi boiler repair in Welland isn’t delivered on time, you may expect incomplete combustion, reduced heating capacity, and even gas leaks.

Thermostat. Thermostats and other forms of temperature control keep the boiler operating at the ideal temperature for maximum efficiency. In turn, their failure results in overheating, and improper cycling, leading to comfort and lower energy efficiency.

Keep in mind that carrying out these components’ fixing on your own might be risky not only for your property but also for your health. From dealing with potentially hazardous gas or electricity to carbon monoxide poisoning and higher energy bills, this procedure requires special skills and tools an average homeowner does not always have. Stop making attempts to perform boiler repairs in Welland by yourself – it’s better to entrust it to our qualified specialists and enjoy the process from the outside!

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