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Having a powerful air conditioner in summer and a fully functioning furnace in winter is a must for a comfortable life. You deserve a trustworthy HVAC repair in Vanier you can rely on. For that, count on Superior HVAC Service!

We can repair a full range of HVAC equipment, including gas furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, air conditioners and water heaters. We offer services for entire HVAC systems (which can include any combination of boilers, air conditioners, air ducts and moisture removal channels) and individual units like fan coils. Our crews are available 24/7 to conduct emergency repairs and keep you comfortable. Service is a word we take very seriously and offer a number of perks to our customers – comprehensive warranty, original spare parts and absolute transparency in pricing are only some of them. Having decades of experience under the belt, our licensed Vanier HVAC professionals deliver immediate repair solutions after thorough diagnostics have been completed. Whether you hear weird noises, can”t turn your unit on or off, notice leaks or face any other annoying breakdown, we will do our best to restore your unit in one day!

Affordable solutions for Vanier HVAC repair are now available

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When your HVAC unit breaks down, the most reasonable solution is to fix it rather than replace the entire system. Naturally, the first question you have is “How much will the repair cost?” There is no definite answer to this question. The price usually depends on several factors every HVAC repair company in Vanier takes into account:

  • The complexity of the project. HVAC systems are complicated and therefore comprise many sophisticated (and costly) parts. The final quote will greatly depend on the faulty part and the scope of work required to repair or replace it.
  • The age of your equipment. A well-worn device may be more challenging to repair and find replacement parts for, which will significantly affect the price.
  • The type of your unit and the severity of the breakdown. Although replacing a circuit board or valve is fairly cheap, changing the condenser coil, compressor, or evaporator will cost you around two to three times more.
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Because there are so many variables to consider, our technicians never quote a price for HVAC repairs in Vanier before they have fully inspected your equipment. Many minor malfunctions can be fixed immediately after the diagnosis, so contact us today and get a thorough assessment of your situation and all available options!