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It can be frustrating when your gas boiler is not working correctly and causing inconvenience in your daily life. At Superior HVAC Service, we understand this and strive to provide more than just boiler repair in Orleans. Our goal is to restore your comfort. Contact us for prompt and effective repair services.

  • Our experts are certified. Our specialists have the most advanced tools and knowledge to solve your problem quickly. We invest in ongoing training to keep up with current industry standards.
  • Service guarantee. We are committed to your complete satisfaction. That’s why we provide a 3-month warranty on all our boiler parts and repair services.
  • Fast and efficient. We understand that weather conditions in Orleans are unpredictable. Our team of experienced and well-equipped experts can repair your boiler on the same day!
  • Customer satisfaction. Our company in Orleans has earned a reputation as an experienced boiler repair contractor. We will answer your questions and help you save money on repairs.

What are the most popular boiler repair services that we provide in Orleans?

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We specialize in solving boiler problems for various brands such as Ariston, Grant, Ferroli, Biasi, and Vaillant, among others. Our experts are equipped to handle common issues.

  1. Lack of hot water. This is usually the result of a broken thermostat, a defective diaphragm or a defect in the bypass valves that regulate the flow of water in the system. You can try restarting the boiler or checking the thermostat settings, but in most cases, you will need the help of a specialist.
  2. Leaks. Leaks are a common problem that our experts in Orleans encounter when performing boiler repairs. Leaks can result from corroded components or a poorly fitted valve or seal. If the leak is minor, you can tighten the fittings to help, but damaged components should be replaced.
  3. Unusual noises. A thorough inspection will often be required to identify the exact cause of a whistling, rumbling or banging noise. They can be caused by sediment build-up, limescale or air trapped in the system. Always contact a specialist in these cases.
  4. Low pressure. Low boiler pressure is usually caused by a number of underlying problems, such as leaks, a faulty safety valve or radiators that need cleaning.

Identifying the problem quickly can help make the boiler repair process in Orleans easier. Call Superior HVAC Service today to get the heat back in your home!

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