Kawartha Lakes, Ontario residents can now get a boiler repair efficiently and safely!

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Superior HVAC Service understands how difficult it is when a boiler that has been reliably providing warmth and comfort suddenly stops functioning properly. To avoid costly problems and return your unit to full functionality, our experienced Kawartha Lakes, Ontario team provides emergency electric and gas boiler repair service at a reasonable price.

Why entrust boiler restoration to the experts? This kind of repair involves working with potentially dangerous elements such as gas pipes, high-pressure systems and electrical wiring. Following DIY guidelines can lead to injury and even more damage. Not only are our technicians well-versed in safety regulations, but they carry all the standard components and tools. They also utilize best practices and the latest technology to identify and repair faults promptly. Moreover, with our 24/7/365/call center and expert local technicians available at your location, emergency boiler repair assistance in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario can be provided at any time. Give us a call and see for yourself!

Trust our combi boiler repair to eliminate any issues without hassle in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

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No matter how efficient and perfect your boiler is, over time it wears out and loses its maximum performance. But this is no reason to buy a brand-new unit. We are experts in solving these problems:

  • Lack of hot water and heat. Have you noticed no hot water/insufficient heat from the faucet or radiator? The cause could be a thermostat, bypass valves, heat exchanger problems or low water pressure. Our on-site boiler repair technician in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario professionals can adjust the thermostat, repair damaged components and fix pressure issues;
  • Water leakage. This can be caused by broken seals, loose connections, or damaged pressure relief valves. We will repair the leak by tightening connections, replacing seals and other parts;
  • Weird noises. The most common causes of whistling or gurgling sounds are a faulty pump, trapped air or scale. To eliminate these noises, we will check the system and release any air trapped in the system. We will also descale the boiler and repair the pump;
  • Increased utility bills. This symptom usually indicates an inefficient unit due to both scale buildup and thermostat issues. To perform combi boiler repair in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario and improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit, our professionals will disassemble the unit and calibrate or repair the thermostat;
  • Change in flame colour. If you see an orange or yellow flame instead of the usual blue one, this may indicate that the combustion process is not complete due to burner dirtying. Our technicians will check the gas pressure and adjust the gas supply to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

You can rest assured that our company will provide you with top-quality service and many other benefits, such as transparent pricing, “no hidden fees” and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. Calling in the professionals to fix your boiler in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario is always more cost-effective in the long run!

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