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If your boiler requires top-quality repair in Sarnia, get in touch with our trained specialists from Superior HVAC Service. What is it that makes us successful in this business? Our team is our main advantage. It consists of technicians with at least five years of experience in the field, who have completed apprenticeships and received top certificates. We also utilize the most modern diagnostic equipment and tools that allow us to work on both electric and gas units.

We repair many major boiler brands, including Atag, Main, Bosch, Ferroli, Ravenheat, etc., regardless of age or condition. We’ll inform you when it’s not worth repairing your HVAC system. Sarnia boiler repair specialists are also able to fix your unit any time- with 24/7 support via phone, local experts and local technicians, we’ll be at your doorstep on the same day!

What are the most common combi boiler faults we fix in Sarnia?

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No matter what fuel you use, there are three main boiler types: combination, system, and heat-only. The latter two types use hot water cylinders and storage tanks, the combi allows its owners to heat hot water on demand. Whatever your unit is , we can get rid of the following issues:

  • No heat or hot water This problem can be caused by a number of factors, such as an infected or clogged diaphragm, a defective or blocked pipe, or even a faulty thermostat. We’ll replace the diaphragm, reset or repair the thermostat, or clear any obstructions in the pipes to get your home warm again.
  • Ignition failure Have you noticed that your appliance does not ignite? Then our experts will check the components such as the thermocouple and the burner. If necessary, the latter will be cleaned and the former will be replaced with original spare parts.
  • Unusual sounds Knocking or gurgling noises may indicate an air leak or low water pressure. Grinding or rattling sounds can be caused by damage to the motor or fan. Our specialists have over 5 years of experience and will quickly identify the problem. They will restore or replace the damaged parts to perform the combi boiler repair in Sarnia efficiently.
  • Leaking or dripping Potential causes of the problem could be leaky seals on pumps, defective valves, or even corrosion in the pipes. We can easily identify the source of the leak on site and then replace any worn or damaged parts.

Remember, DIY repairs can not only prevent you from achieving the desired result but also lead to injuries and further damage. To avoid this, contact our specialists for help, who will ensure the 100% success of your project in compliance with all safety measures!

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How do our specialists in Sarnia perform boiler repair?

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We plan your project to the smallest detail, taking into account the capabilities of the boiler and the upcoming restoration. However, there are a number of universal steps that we most often implement in gas or electric boiler repairs in Sarnia:

  • Initial examination Our experts will conduct a full visual inspection of your boiler to ensure that the cause of the malfunction has been eliminated.
  • Lubrication Certain components, such as bearings or pumps, may require lubrication to function properly. Therefore, we usually perform this operation as a matter of course.
  • Checking electrical connections Since it is impossible to optimize the operation of climate control equipment without reliable wiring, we pay special attention to checking circuit breaker fuses and electrical connections.
  • Repair of components In most cases, replacing a component is the best option if the parts are too worn or damaged to perform gas or electric boiler repair in Sarnia. We regularly replace valves, sensors, heat exchangers, and even thermostats.
  • Testing Our team will make sure that everything is working properly after the restoration. This involves testing the system pressure, checking for leaks, and making sure that the water is heating efficiently.

Call us anytime or connect with the specialist online – we know how to eliminate the malfunction in the most critical situation.