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If your Lennox heat pump lets you down, you can count on our experts at Superior HVAC Service for a fast and thorough repair! As a locally owned company, we offer an exceptional approach and top-quality service that goes above and beyond to meet your needs. By choosing our dedicated team, you can count on exceptional service, reliability and excellent results regardless of the breakdown complexity.

Our licensed technicians have undergone extensive training and can repair Lennox units professionally and quickly, at your convenience and right at your place (home or office). Our specialists have the necessary equipment to quickly diagnose the issues and the skills to offer the best repair options to fit your budget. Their vast experience allows them to easily replace or fix the parts of your Lennox heat pump (fan, thermostat, compressor, expansion or reversing valve and many more). With us, you won’t wait for efficient repair forever!

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Before a heat pump breaks down, there are often signs of a problem. If you’re lucky enough to spot them, you can avoid unnecessary damage to the system and keep repair costs to a minimum. The most common symptoms of heat pump failure are:

  • Constant running. Dirty air filters, thermostat issues, a refrigerant leak or the incorrect size of your unit may be to blame;
  • Leaking. A clogged drain line or refrigerant leak is most likely the cause, so don”t rush to search “Lennox heat pump repair service near me” – we can handle it easily;
  • The unit won”t turn on. Power loss and reversing valve or thermostat malfunction are the most typical problems that our specialists diagnose.

Our technicians can offer fast and reliable heat pump repair, from replacing belts to installing a new compressor. We have the skills to perform almost any service your system may need, so calling us for your Lennox heat pump service is a smart choice!

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The exact cost of repair will depend on several factors:

  • The faulty part (you may need the thermostat, capacitor, switch or valve replacement. Our experts have been fixing Lennox heat pumps for years and state that all of these service solutions cost differently);
  • The nature and complexity of the breakdown (improper heating or cooling, failure to move the air and other issues require special diagnostics, and only then can a specialist determine how much the repair will cost);
  • The age of your heat pump (most units have a lifespan of about 15 years, yet experts may recommend a complete replacement if your device is approaching the end of its service life).

With Superior HVAC Service, the cost of heat pump repair will not be a matter of concern for you – our prices are always customer-oriented. We deliver the most competitive solutions for heat pumps and regularly repair Lennox units around the neighbourhood. Adhering to the principles of transparency and “no hidden fees” policy is what allowed us to gain the trust of our loyal customers, who left hundreds of positive reviews about our work. However, we never quote a price over the phone without preliminary diagnostics, since each case is unique and requires an expert approach. Our specialists evaluate all aspects of the repair, commenting on them and answering your questions, and only after clarifying all the details do they announce the final cost. Contact us today and get honest diagnostics and qualified help with your “Lennox heat pump repair near me” issue at an unbeatable price!

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