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Sarnia heat pump system repair

With the ability to provide both cooling and heating for homes and offices from a single unit, heat pumps provide residents with consistent comfort and performance throughout the year. Despite the fact that they are designed to be durable and reliable, problems can arise that require skilled heat pump repair in Sarnia. Superior HVAC Service is a well-known Canadian company that can provide such assistance at an affordable price.

Each engineer is carefully selected to become part of our team. This allows us to show our employees as certified and experienced professionals. We can repair heat pumps of various brands and models, such as Lennox, Trane, American Standard, Bryant, Coleman and many others. Even if your unit starts to leak, it’s no problem for us, and our technicians will be able to provide emergency assistance and will be on-site the same day you call!

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Which heat pump elements may require repair in Sarnia?

repair heat pump in Sarnia

Thanks to the energy efficiency of heat pumps, these machines have been a viable option for most types of buildings for many years. To keep up with modern trends, our specialists have the necessary tools to carry out heat pump repairs for apartment and house owners in Sarnia. If a malfunction occurs, we can repair or replace any component of your unit, as shown below:

  • Chassis. This is the outer casing of the system that protects the internal parts of the heat pump and provides a sturdy base for the unit. If the casing is corroded or damaged, it can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the device and damage to other components. If necessary, we simply repair it using the original spare parts.
  • Control board. This element controls the operation of the appliance, such as turning it on and off and adjusting the temperature settings. Our technicians will repair or replace it if necessary to avoid costly energy expenses or reduced comfort.
  • Thermostat. The thermostat is the component that regulates the temperature of the device. This part can fail due to electrical problems or wear and tear. We modify it on-site, however, the best heat pump repair solution in this situation is a thermostat replacement in Sarnia.
  • Blower fan motor & assembly. This component allows air to flow through the system and into your home. As with the control board, a malfunction can lead to higher utility bills, so we replace this element to ensure proper airflow.
  • Water hoses. They are commonly used in geothermal systems to exchange heat generated by the device with the ground. On the one hand, if damaged, they can become a significant factor in the operation of the system, as they can reduce its overall efficiency. On the other hand, it is not difficult for our technicians to repair them.

What factors affect the heat pump repair cost in Sarnia?

hvac heat pump repair in Sarnia

In order to avoid any unforeseen costs, we will announce an estimate only after a thorough diagnosis. However, when calculating the heat pump repair cost in Sarnia, we always use fixed and transparent factors:

  • Unit’s type. Heat pumps are available in different configurations and designs, and are equipped with different components. This makes their maintenance more or less complicated. Repairing geothermal systems can be more expensive than air-source systems.
  • Labour cost. The final bill may be affected by the expertise and professional experience of the technician, which is important for more complex repairs.
  • The complexity of restoration. Repairs can be as simple as replacing a fan motor or cleaning heat exchangers, or as complex as fixing a refrigerant leak or replacing a compressor. The more difficult the job, the more expensive the repair.
  • Replacement parts cost. If your unit is too outdated, finding “obsolete” components can be more difficult. While some heat pumps may only require cheap parts for repair in Sarnia, others may need to replace the condenser or compressor. This can cost many times more.