Professional heat pump repair in Bradford can be both high-quality and affordable!

heat pump repair service in Bradford

Undoubtedly, the failure of such a complex HVAC device as a heat pump can significantly affect your well-being by turning the usual pleasant indoor environment into an uncomfortable space. To bring back the comfort you deserve, our company supplies same-day heat pump repair assistance in Bradford, offering dependable solutions for every Canadian.

Hundreds of our satisfied customers are the result of our experienced technicians, who completed many apprenticeships and received top certifications, including NATE and Red Seal. On-site, we always conduct a thorough diagnostic in order to supply you with a detailed restoration plan in advance, as well as not to miss minor issues that can disrupt your device’s operation in the future. Also, our extensive expertise allows us to deal with many heat pump models and brands, including Rheem, Trane, Goodman, Carrier, Daikin, Maytag, etc. Trust our Bradford specialists to provide you with heat pumps repair and have a rest seeing how it will be restored in a matter of hours!

Our Bradford heat pump repair service is a guarantee of your unit’s longevity in the future!

hvac heat pump repair in Bradford

Being not the first-year HVAC contractor, we have dealt with various breakdowns and problems your heat pump may encounter. Given this experience, we can confidently say about the most common integral components prone to wear and tear. Usually, this list includes the following:

  • Compressor. As the name suggests, it works to pressurise the refrigerant and move it throughout the unit. In this case, a whole number of factors can cause its malfunction – from refrigerant leakage and wiring issues to lack of maintenance and faulty motor.
  • Evaporator coil. By evaporating the refrigerant, the evaporator coil removes the heat from the inside air. Usually, different obstructions, such as dust accumulation, dirt buildup, as well as corrosion, result in this component’s failure.
  • Fan motor. This element spins the condenser and evaporator fan blades, propelling air through the coils. Based on our experience, the lack of proper maintenance, overheating and worn-out bearings can cause its malfunction, thus requiring immediate heat pump repairs in Bradford.
  • Thermostat. This component controls the overall operation, turning it on and off to maintain a comfortable environment. Thermostat issues are often caused by faulty calibration, heat batteries, sensor and wiring problems.
  • Reversing valve. In order to reverse the flow of the refrigerant and switch between heating and cooling modes, your device uses a reversing valve. However, even this element isn’t protected from sudden breakages – inadequate lubrication, solenoid issues and refrigerant leaks all contribute to its failure.

Whether it is a weekend or holiday, our Bradford heat pump repair technicians can be at your doorstep and eliminate all the mentioned-above issues the same day after your initial call – consult with us right now and see it for yourself!

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