Emergency heat pump repair is no longer a dream in Woodstock

heat pump repair service in Woodstock

Your heat pump no longer is cooling your house? Are you worried about the mould growth on the wall and leaks? The problem is no longer yours if you choose our professional heat pump repair solutions in Woodstock. Why should you work with us?

We are focused on selecting technicians with the proper certifications and expertise. Each technician has at least 5 years of experience within the HVAC industry and has received top certifications. We also fix apartment and home heating systems and deal with various brands and models, such as Rheem, LG, Trane, Daikin, Aman, and Lennox.

Finally, we can help you when your system requires urgent help. With our 24-hour phone support and flexible appointment times, we can arrive the same day your call us.

Don’t let HVAC issues disrupt your comfort

Our team can solve any problem, guaranteeing a long-lasting result.

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What are the main symptoms of your unit malfunctioning that require heat pump repair in Woodstock?

hvac heat pump repair in Woodstock

It is best to delegate heat pump repairs to our Woodstock repair experts. It can prevent further damage to your unit and even your injuries.

Our certified pros can repair the following breakdown:

  • A reduced cooling or heating output. When your device fails to fulfill these two functions effectively, the issue may be due to various causes, ranging from a damaged thermostat to a defective compressor. Upon arrival, we can pinpoint the problem and repair or replace damaged components with OEM spare components.
  • Short-cycling. Have you noticed that your unit is constantly on and off? This issue can result from a malfunctioning system, for example, a damaged thermostat, clogged filters or even low refrigerant levels. Once we have identified the root reason, we’ll carry out the appropriate course of action: replace all faulty elements or adjust the thermostat, clean the filters, and recharge the system with the proper refrigerant.
  • Strange noises. Grinding or banging can be a sign of faulty operation of the unit and generally indicate motor or fan blade issues. In this instance, we will perform the heat pumps repair in Woodstock by determining the cause of the problem, replacing the damaged components, and securing/tightening or replacing the coil.
  • Leaking unit. Heat pumps often begin leaking refrigerant or water due to two main issues: a corroded coil or a broken refrigerant line. In the first case, we will replace the coil. And in the second, replace the pipe and recharge the refrigerant to the appropriate levels.

Which algorithm do we follow when providing heat pump repair assistance in Woodstock?

repair heat pump in Woodstock

We always pay close attention to project planning when offering our expert services. Thanks to this, we finish the restoration on time and follow all its essential steps.

Here is how we fix a heat pump in Woodstock:

  • Visual inspection. First, we inspect the unit for obvious issues, such as corroded components, leaks, signs of wear and tear, etc. Additionally, we perform extensive diagnostic tests to determine every internal component’s condition, including air filters, connections and fittings.
  • Wiring check. It is a process of testing the wiring and electrical components of the heat pump. We check the heat pump for frayed wires and damaged or loose connections.
  • Replacement of components. We recommend replacing any worn or damaged parts. It usually is the condenser coil, thermostat, compressor, or fan motor, since all these components can contribute to the unit’s performance issues.
  • Final testing. Once our Woodstock pros finish the heat pump repair in your home, they will test the system to ensure it works effectively. They will check the temperature as well as airflow and efficiency energy.