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A faulty heat pump can disrupt your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, especially when you need it the most. Superior HVAC Service is a professional local company that works with all types of heat pumps and provides repair services in Ottawa. Our team of highly skilled technicians service a wide array of brands, from Carrier and Lennox to Bosch and Goodman and many others. They undergo ongoing training to ensure you get the best possible service every time. Combined with our extensive industry experience, we will find a solution to any problem you are experiencing with your heat pump quickly and efficiently.

Do you need help right now? You can count on our team to arrive on the same day to solve your problems and bring comfort back to your home.

Issues that our Ottawa heat pump repair service address

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From minor adjustments to complex repairs, our skilled technicians will restore your heat pump’s efficiency and performance. Here are the most common heat pump parts that our technicians repair or replace in Ottawa:

  • Control boards. It is essentially the brain of your system, controlling everything from heating to cooling. A faulty board can lead to improper or inconsistent temperature control, increased energy consumption and, as a result, higher energy bills.
  • Condensing coils. These coils are responsible for removing heat from the refrigerant to the outside. Damaged or dirty condensing coils can significantly reduce cooling efficiency and are a common problem we encounter when it comes to heat pump repairs in Ottawa.
  • Compressors. As the circulation system for the refrigerant, compressors are crucial to the heat transfer process. A faulty compressor can lead to a complete system failure, which requires immediate attention.

Thermostats. This component regulates the temperature. A faulty thermostat also causes temperature fluctuations in the room and excessive energy consumption, so we recommend fixing it immediately.

Factors that define the cost of heat pump repairs in Ottawa

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There are several things that affect the condo heat pump repair costs in Ottawa. Before starting the repair, we will inspect the unit and take these into consideration:

  • Type of heat pump. Air source heat pumps may be more affordable to repair compared to ground source or ductless mini-split models.
  • Technicians qualifications. The more experienced and qualified the technicians, the more reliable the repair will be. Our pros are trained and certified to fix any problem.
  • The complexity of the problem. Simple issues such as adjusting the thermostat may cost less, while refrigerant leaks can result in higher costs of heat pump repairs in Ottawa.
  • Parts cost. Common components such as capacitors or sensors may be cheaper to replace, while compressors or coils can be significantly more expensive.

You don”t have to bother with figuring it all out. Our technicians will tell you the exact repair costs after a thorough inspection, so you know exactly what to expect. Contact us today to fix a trouble-making heat pump in Ottawa promptly and efficiently!

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