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It is common knowledge that only professionals should repair HVAC systems, especially when it comes to gas furnaces. Unfortunately, DIY solutions have more than once led to carbon monoxide poisoning, extensive damage to the appliance, and fires. Superior HVAC Service can assist you with gas furnace repair in Woodstock to ensure you are never exposed to all those risks.

We are best known for our thorough diagnostics, quick repairs and affordable prices. Our deep experience and knowledge allow us to cope with any brand and model. To be more precise, we know the weaknesses of each manufacturer of furnaces and, therefore, we know how to deal with specific breakdowns.

Certified experts, budget-friendly pricing, and 24/7 assistance. Are you looking for this? Then, the Woodstock furnace repair specialists are ready to assist you!

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Gas furnaces can malfunction for numerous reasons. As soon as you see the symptoms and signs described below, you should contact the technician right away for a proper diagnosis and safe solution.

  • Smells Furnaces might smell when they are first installed, but the odours should fade over time. If they don’t, it could be time to check the condition of your furnace.
  • Unusual sounds When you hear strange sounds, like pounding, rattling, hums or moans, something is wrong with your appliance. Contact us if the noises persist. We’ll pinpoint the cause and ensure that your furnace is ready to work further without problems.
  • Uneven heating If your furnace is working correctly, there shouldn’t be any hot or cold spots within the home. Instead, there should be uniform warmth. If you notice a drastic temperature change, it may be time to call a certified technician.

These signs may indicate serious or minor problems. In both cases, gas appliances should always be checked by a professional and repaired in a safe manner.

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Should Woodstock furnace experts repair or replace my unit?

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Many homeowners struggle to decide between furnace repair or replacement in Woodstock. Fortunately, a certified techie can help you choose the best option by taking into consideration a few essential factors, such as follows:

  • The availability of spare parts If your appliance belongs to an outdated model, searching for its spare parts can be an issue. Therefore, there aren’t any alternatives other than replacing your gas furnace.
  • Wear and tear on the furnace If your gas furnace is about 30 years old, it will have frequent breakdowns. But how effective is investing money in repairing an old furnace? Shortly, the system will shut down because it isn’t able to work for you throughout your entire life.
  • Repair or replacement cost Repairing a gas furnace could cost more than buying an entirely new one, especially in a severe breakdown.
  • Personal preferences A skilled technician will assist you even if you don’t want to replace your old furnace. However, it is essential to note that your furnace will not fully function when it’s old or worn out.

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