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If you’re looking for a reliable air conditioning service, you can count on Superior HVAC Service. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy name in the industry. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in repairing all major AC brands, including Goodman, Lennox Carrier, and LG.

We offer a 3-month guarantee on both parts and labour to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. Moreover, if you need AC repair in Laval, our technicians can arrive at your doorstep within a few hours, equipped with the most effective tools and equipment to provide quick and efficient results. Don’t hesitate to contact us now to repair your air conditioning.

What issues with an air conditioner we fix in Laval

Ductless AC Repair in Laval

If your AC is not functioning properly, it can turn your home into a sauna or icebox. To help you deal with the most common AC issues, we’ve outlined their causes and risks below.

  • Inefficient cooling or heating. It could be due to various reasons, such as dirty filters, lack of refrigerant, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Replacing the air filter or calling an air conditioner Laval repair service can help resolve the issue. It’s best to avoid using the AC until it’s fixed.
  • Power issues. If your AC is not turning on or keeps turning on and off, it could be due to an electrical issue or a faulty thermostat. It can lead to increased electricity bills and even pose a safety risk.
  • Malfunctioning fan. It could be an internal issue related to the fan motor. It’s best to hire a professional to fix it instead of attempting to do it yourself.
  • Water leaks. A blocked drain pipe can cause water leaks. Contact our Laval AC repair expert to fix the issue. If you notice a chemical smell or traces of oil, seek professional help immediately, as it could be a refrigerant leak, which can be hazardous.
  • Unusual noises. Strange noises coming from the AC could indicate loose bolts or worn-out fan belts. Tightening the screws may help eliminate some noises, but if you’re inexperienced, do not attempt to fix it yourself.

It’s always best to let a professional handle any AC issue. Our Superior HVAC Service in Laval offers fast and reliable central air conditioning repair services. Contact us!