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In the event of prolonged inactivity or lack of proper maintenance or good care, your air conditioner can break down in the first hot days of the summer season. Fortunately, our company provides excellent air conditioner repair and maintenance services in Brighton, Ontario, so this problem is no longer a source of stress and inconvenience for homeowners across Canada.

Thanks to numerous courses and years of experience, we can service central and ductless air conditioning systems, as well as their various models and brands. Our technicians have extensive experience working with Carrier, Haier, and LG units, as well as American Standard, Lenox, and more, regardless of their age or state of repair. However, if the unit is too worn out to be repaired, we will let you know before the appointment and help you choose the best option based on your preferences and needs. Plus, our Brighton air conditioner repair is available around the clock – get in touch with our staff and make a same-day appointment in case of an emergency!

Our Brighton air conditioner repair experts can have your unit fixed in a matter of minutes!

Ductless AC Repair in Brighton

Our team deals with two of the most commonly used air conditioning systems in Canada.

Central air conditioner.

This system is ideal for large homes and businesses that have numerous cooling requirements. It uses a complex duct system to distribute cool air throughout the building. It is usually connected to an outdoor unit. The most typical problems that arise in this case are as follows:

• Insufficient cooling. To fix this problem, our AC repair technicians in Brighton will clean/replace the filter, ensure proper airflow, and restore cooling efficiency.

• Uneven cooling. This problem is usually caused by improperly balanced or blocked air ducts. To ensure proper insulation and balanced ventilation, you should contact an HVAC professional immediately.

• Refrigerant leak. We will fix the leak on the spot and then recharge the refrigerant to solve the problem.

Ductless air conditioners.

Often called a mini-split system, this air conditioner is specially designed to regulate the temperature in each room. It does not require the installation of cooling ducts in certain areas of the building. It also requires less work during renovation. However, our customers often face the following problems:

• Indoor unit leaking water. The cause is a clogged drainage line to remove condensation. Our air conditioner repair technicians located in Brighton will fix the problem by cleaning the drain and removing the blockage.

• Noisy operation. This is usually caused by damaged or loose components, such as fan blades, which our specialist can easily replace, as well as lubricate moving components.

• No cooling/heating. To fix this problem, we will check the thermostat settings, check the power supply, and replace the faulty compressor.

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Our team can handle various issues, providing efficient solutions that meet your needs and budget.

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