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It’s a scorching day in the summertime but your air conditioner isn’t working like it used to? Don’t rely on doubtful DIY guides because our local air conditioner repair specialists in New Tecumseth are able to arrive on the same day you call!

Our company’s ability to fix any device, regardless of the model or manufacturer, is a major benefit. We work with Lennox, American Standard, Trane, Amana, Carrier, Comfort Star, etc. Our team is also able to help in an emergency need – our customer support is reachable 24/7. All experts are available for flexible appointments!

Our AC repair technicians in New Tecumseth will complete the task on the first attempt!

Ductless AC Repair in New Tecumseth

Our air conditioner repair technicians located in New Tecumseth, Ontario are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are experienced in working with these two systems:

Central air conditioner

Utilizing a complicated system of ducts, this AC type supplies and keeps a steady temperature throughout the entire building. It is efficient in cooling because of the combination of indoor and outdoor units, often integrated with a furnace or an air handler. It is still possible to face these problems:

  • Refrigerant leak. To prevent a decrease in cooling efficiency, we’ll find and fix the leak, and then refill the refrigerant to the proper level;
  • Unusual noises. Have you heard squealing, buzzing or cuddling sounds emanating from the AC? Our air conditioning repair technicians in New Tecumseth can identify the source and fix it on-site. It could be due to worn-out belts or loose components.
  • Lack of cooling airflow. This issue is caused by blocked air vents or blocked air filters. This can be fixed by cleaning the filters/vents as well as changing the blower motor.

Ductless air conditioner

This system, in contrast to the previous one, is characterized by the capability to zone-cool. This makes it ideal for small spaces or buildings without the need to install ducting. In this case, personalized temperature control and energy efficiency are provided by the outdoor unit and one or more wall or ceiling-mounted indoor units. This type of system may fail due to the following problems:

  • Remote control not working properly. You can change the batteries in the remote control to eliminate signal interference. It is recommended to contact a professional when this method doesn’t bring any results.
  • Water leaks. Most often, this problem can be caused by a poor configuration of the unit or clogged condensate drains. We will clear the drain and ensure the proper installation of the system.

Malfunctioning indoor units. Our team will check the fan motor, electronic controls, and sensors on-site to determine if they are working properly. If necessary, our AC repair technicians in New Tecumseth will repair the unit by replacing the faulty parts and then recalibrating the sensors.

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