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If your HVAC is in need of repair in Bowmanville, we can get it back to peak efficiency in minutes!

Superior HVAC Service has been a leading company in the industry for many years. We have seen it all in the field of heating and cooling systems. When we visit our customers, we always take our equipment with us so that we can identify the problem and fix it on the spot. Often, filters need to be replaced, and air ducts need to be cleaned to ensure proper airflow through the system. Sometimes it is necessary to check the fan, heat exchanger, or limit switches.

Regardless of the problem’s complexity or your equipment’s brand (Rheem, Goodman, Carrier, York and others), our heating and air conditioning specialists in Bowmanville will get the job done right.

We will exceed your expectations by offering comprehensive service that covers all system components, such as air conditioners, water heaters, and ductwork.

Scheduled and emergency HVAC repair in Bowmanville

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to monitor the condition of the equipment and respond to any changes in its operation in a timely manner. We have created a list of the most common HVAC services in Bowmanville to make this task easier for you:

  • Gas furnace. Our technicians are able to solve a range of problems, including dirty or clogged filters, ignition control issues, malfunctioning circuit breakers or thermostats, and blocked flame sensors. We are always available for furnace repair!
  • Boiler. Limescale or sediment buildup, leaks, a frozen thermostat condensate pipe, and low pressure are the most commonly reported issues by our customers.
  • Heat pump. There are many problems our experts easily address, such as insufficient airflow, overheating, dirty filters, a malfunctioning heat exchanger or fan motor, a damaged reverse switch, and a low refrigerant level.
  • AC (central or ductless). As a trusted HVAC contractor in Bowmanville, we can fix clogged drains, worn seals, leaking and dirty filters, and a frozen or damaged compressor or evaporator. We can also repair faulty thermostats and circuit breakers. These are just a few of the many problems your home or apartment air conditioner may face, and you shouldn’t be hesitant to contact our experienced team to get the problem fixed efficiently and safely!
  • Water heaters (gas or electric). We can determine the source of your problem in minutes using our latest technology and expertise. Our HVAC service technicians in Bowmanville will fix worn gaskets, leaks, and excessive heat. They can also repair a faulty safety device, a malfunctioning heating element, a thermostat, a burner, or a clogged vent flue.

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are complex systems that require regular care and maintenance to ensure they function properly. Failure to take care of them can lead to a number of problems, including reduced efficiency, increased energy consumption, and even system failure. Our staff will help you quickly solve the most common problems and maintain the comfort and safety of your home!

How much does Bowmanville HVAC repair cost?

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Repairing your HVAC system is often less expensive than replacing the entire system. How much will it cost? Every HVAC repair company in Bowmanville takes many factors into consideration when determining the price:

  • The difficulty of the repair and the defective part. HVAC systems can be complex and, as a result, contain a variety of sophisticated (and expensive) parts that need to be replaced. While replacing a valve or electronic circuit board is relatively affordable, replacing a condenser compressor, evaporator or heat exchanger will cost you two to three times more.
  • Age of the equipment. Even if your HVAC system can be repaired, it may make sense to replace it completely if it is old or inefficient. The expected lifespan of these units is 10 to 15 years. However, before you make a decision, let our experienced Bowmanville HVAC repair specialists assess the overall condition of your system and the cost of replacing it versus repairing it.
  • Other features of the repair. This includes labour costs, system type, device availability, time of year (costs can increase when there is an urgent need for HVAC professionals), warranty or ductwork, permit requirements, and more.

As you can see, there are many aspects to consider. We will not quote a price for repairing your equipment before a thorough inspection is performed. Contact us now to get an accurate analysis of your situation and all available repair options from the best HVAC service company in Bowmanville!