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Gatineau heating and air conditioning repair service

If you need a reliable HVAC repair company in Gatineau, Superior HVAC Service is ready to help. Our experts have many years of experience fixing HVAC systems as well as separate units, including gas furnaces, heat pumps, ACs, fan coils and others. Our expertise is not limited to any brand, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Bryant, Lennox, Carrier or a Rheem unit because we can fix all of them.

Our specialists undergo regular training to ensure every repair is efficient and effective. We always have our best team of technicians on standby to ensure you get professional assistance whenever you need it, including in an emergency! Just give us a call, and our heating and air conditioning repair team can be at your home in Gatineau even today, fully equipped with the best tools to eliminate the problem.

When to contact emergency HVAC repair specialists in Gatineau?

Gatineau heating and air conditioning repair

If your appliance malfunctions, you want to eliminate the issue as soon as possible because ignoring it can often lead to further damage and even a complete system breakdown. Contact the experts if you notice any of the problems below:

  • Gas furnace malfunctions. After years of use, your furnace’s ignitor and heat exchanger might get damaged and need replacement. Another common problem includes clogged filters that need cleaning or replacing by an expert HVAC service team in Gatineau.
    Signs of issues: Frequent cycling, inability to start, weak airflow, unusual sounds, unpleasant smells and increased energy bills.
  • Boiler malfunctions. Corrosion or direct impact can damage the valves or pipes in your boiler and cause problems. The thermocouple or pilot assembly can also go out of order due to wear and tear and make your boiler non-operational.
    Signs of issues: Puddles under the boiler, loss of pressure, rumbling noise, no hot water, pilot light not working.
  • Heat pump malfunctions. A heat pump is a complex appliance that may have issues with the refrigerant lines, compressor, reversing valve and control board. Be sure to contact a professional HVAC company in Gatineau if you see visible damage to your unit or suspect internal problems.
    Signs of issues: Ice on coils, lack of heat, system not turning on, heat pump not switching between heating and cooling.
  • Water heater malfunctions. Hard water causes a sediment buildup in the tank, filters or other components inside your water heater, which prevents it from working correctly. The heating elements or the thermostat can also fail and lead to erratic device behaviour.
    Signs of issues: Loud sounds, water taking a long time to heat up, inconsistent water temperatures, discoloured water, and leaks.
  • AC malfunctions. If you notice unusual AC behaviour, there might be a problem with such components as drain lines, evaporator coils, and a fan motor or a relay. To fix these components effectively, contact our Gatineau HVAC repair team, we have the tools and expertise to repair any malfunction.
    Signs of issues: Water puddles around the indoor unit, no cooling, ice on the coils, poor airflow, unit overheating.

Each appliance has a limited service life, but it can be extended with proper care and timely repairs. If you notice unusual appliance behaviour, be sure to reach out to the specialists to have it fixed.

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What factors affect Gatineau HVAC repair costs?

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To offer precise quotes and avoid unexpected charges, we provide repair estimates only after a thorough inspection. Here are the main factors that dictate the final cost of our Gatineau HVAC repair services:

  • Type of appliance. Some appliances, like heat pumps, are more expensive to repair because they contain many complex components like compressors, reversing valves and others, unlike tank boilers.
  • Age. An older appliance can be more pricey to fix because some of the parts might be out of production or difficult to find.
  • Type of problem. Clogged lines or a dirty filter are small issues that can be dealt with on the spot and are inexpensive to repair. Other issues like a faulty compressor, refrigerant leaks and a damaged control board involve specialized tools and expertise and can increase the cost.

If you”ve been looking for the best HVAC company in Gatineau, you”re on the right page. Our experts will be happy to restore your appliance to its previous glory and even improve its performance in the long run!