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When your water heater unexpectedly breaks down and makes your daily routine even more complex than before, you deserve only the best service. Superior HVAC Service team of highly trained technicians equipped with the best tools and can solve any problems you may have with your water heater. Our water heating repair specialists in Ottawa are well-versed in working with many brands, including Rinnai, Bosch, Titan and Alpha. Gas or electric, tank or tankless – we can fix all of them promptly and efficiently. Our experts are always on standby and can inspect your water heater in just a couple of hours, ensuring you get the lasting solution you need.

What can our gas and electric water heater repair experts do for you in Ottawa?

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Many things can go wrong as your HVAC systems age. Here are some of the common issues our technicians deal with daily.

  • Water leaks. Leaks are typically caused by broken valves or rusted storage tanks. Our tank and tankless water heater repair specialists in Ottawa will identify the cause and repair or replace the faulty parts.
  • Lack of hot water. Running out of hot water in the middle of a shower can be frustrating, to say the least. It usually stems from a faulty thermostat or heating element. If a system reset doesn”t fix the issue, contact a professional.
  • Foul smells. Water is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, so bacterial contamination is a common problem. We will flash the tank and rinse it to eliminate any bacteria or sediment causing the odour.
  • Odd sounds. Unusual sounds like screeching or rumbling are often caused by sediment build-up inside the system, loose or damaged valves or excessive pressure build-up in the tank. Our Ottawa experts will provide tank or tankless water heater repair services even on the same day to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Issues that require prompt hot water heater repair in Ottawa

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Any ignored problem will inevitably become worse and lead to costly repairs. Take a look at some of the most dangerous issues that require immediate professional assistance.

  • Overheating. An overheating water heater can be a ticking time bomb. Signs of a malfunction include extremely hot water and a pressure relief valve that continuously spews hot water. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to call for professional hot water heater repair services in Ottawa right away.
  • Electrical faults. If you notice flickering lights, frequent tripping of the circuit breaker or even small electric shocks when you touch the water heater, you may be dealing with an electrical fault. This can lead to fire and injury, so call a technician as soon as possible.
  • Gas leaks. If you smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound near your water heater, open windows immediately and reach out for professional help. A gas leak can lead to serious consequences, including explosions. We offer emergency services to deal with such critical issues.

Regardless of your issue, we can help you stay safe and enjoy warm water whenever you need it. Book an appointment today, and our Ottawa experts will provide you with the best water heater repair results!

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