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Malfunctioning heating equipment can negatively affect your quality of life. The good news is that most issues are usually resolved quickly with a trustworthy water heater repair in Stratford at hand. Superior HVAC Service will do everything possible to offer you the most effective renovation solutions. We’re ready to offer rapid response 24/7 while staying professional and knowledgeable.

The equipment you have can be either tank or tankless. The former uses natural gas, propane, or electricity to heat water, which is then stored in a tank until it is needed. The latter heats water on demand. Tank or tankless units of any configuration and brand (Whirlpool Reliance Bosch Rinnai, etc.) are no problem for us. Our trained and certified Stratford water heater repair technicians are well-prepared for projects of any complexity, so your water heater will be in tip-top shape!

Effective hot water tank repair solutions we provide in Stratford

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A variety of common problems could cause your appliance to perform poorly:

  • Corrosion. If the device is visibly damaged by corrosion, it may be hard to save. But you can try replacing the anode rod. This element extends the life of your device.
  • Leaking. Older appliances are more prone to leaks. In most cases, the repair gives a temporary result, and it is better to replace the device completely.
  • Not enough or no hot water. Hot water heating element repairs like thermostat adjustments performed by our Stratford technicians will solve this problem. Incorrect temperature control can also be the cause and is easy to fix. If you have an electric appliance, the problem is most likely in the heating element. Replacing it is a relatively simple task for our team of experts!

Easy and hassle-free tankless water heater repair in Stratford for your peace of mind

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Tankless units are efficient. They are cost-effective, operate at low costs, and are very durable. But, like any other device, they are not immune to breakdowns:

  • Clogged filters. Filters are essential to prevent scale build-up and protect your unit. Clean or replace the filter regularly to ensure your tankless water heater is in good working order and avoid an expensive repair in Stratford. It only takes a few minutes for our technicians to complete this task.
  • Broken temperature sensor. The sensor may be worn or misaligned. The problem can be solved by reinstalling or replacing the device.
  • Faulty gas burners. Failure of this part may result in no hot water. In this case, the part must be replaced or cleaned. Check the circuit breaker and control panel of the appliance.

Our experts can solve many of these problems. Trying to tackle the issue yourself risks making the situation even worse, so don’t be afraid to give us a call and request a hot water tank or tankless unit repair in Stratford at any time!

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