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It is important to note that the boiler is a crucial element of your HVAC system. So, any issue can lead to your family being without hot water or heating. Our company can assist you to get through these scenarios by offering the highest-quality boiler repair services in Orillia.

Our main advantage is the team of certified specialists that are equipped to deal with both gas and electric units. Whatever device you have (combi or heat-only), or manufacturer it comes from (Lennox, Baxi, Fulton, Rentech, Rinnai etc.), we can repair it. If you experience an emergency situation, we will help you in a time of need – our same-day repairs are available 24/7 thanks to support via phone and the technicians’ flexibility. If your device does not heat the water or makes strange sounds, our experts know what to do – consult with our managers or make an appointment online!

Our experts in boiler repair offer effective solutions for any boiler issue in Orillia!

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A boiler, like any other HVAC equipment, is a complex system with various components working together to ensure safe and efficient operation. As a professional Orillia boiler repair team, it is our job to repair the boiler and get its components back in working order.

  • Heat exchanger. This component is responsible for transferring the heat generated by the combustion products to the water. Its failure can adversely affect the operation of the appliance and can lead to gas or water leaks and increased utility bills.
  • Ignition system. The ignition system is responsible for igniting the fuel-air mixture. It is very important that the ignition system works properly. Otherwise, it can lead to frozen pipes, discomfort and even no heating.
  • Gas valve. It regulates the amount of natural gas or propane gas supplied to the burner. Therefore, if a combi boiler repair in Orillia is not performed in a timely manner, you can expect incomplete combustion, reduced heat output, and even gas leaks.
  • Thermostat. Thermostats, like other temperature control devices, maintain the optimum temperature in the boiler to maximize efficiency. Otherwise their malfunction results in overheating and inefficient cycling, which can lead to reduced comfort and energy efficiency.

Remember, doing this work yourself carries risks not only to your property but also to your health. From working with potentially dangerous gas or electricity to carbon monoxide poisoning and increased energy bills, this process requires special skills and tools that the average homeowner may not have. It’s best to entrust boiler repairs in Orillia to professionals, and let them handle the job!

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