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Has your boiler been acting up lately? Is it making strange noises, not heating water or showing no signs of life at all? Whatever the case, you can count on Superior HVAC Service to deliver expert boiler repair in Orangeville at a reasonable price!

As a licensed gas and electric boiler repair contractor, we pride ourselves on solving routine and emergency boiler issues quickly and reliably. With decades of background in the industry, we know what we’re doing. Having extensive experience and all the necessary tools and equipment at hand, our seasoned and certified technicians can handle both conventional and combination boilers. We are on guard of your comfort 24/7 to save your day whenever you need it. The integrity and smooth operation of your system are assured by our quality services and warranty. Our Orangeville boiler repair crew knows how critical the working heating system is, so we’ll never let you down!

The intricacies of boiler repair our Orangeville pros master

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At Superior HVAC Service, we conduct a thorough assessment of your boiler’s condition before starting the repair. Whether you need a simple valve replacement or a whole tank relining, we will treat the job as a top priority. Yet the most commonly repaired or replaced parts are:

Heat exchanger. This part is one of the most common causes of boiler faults. The heat exchanger can become clogged or covered with scale buildup over time, resulting in reduced heating and hot water efficiency.
Ignition system. The boiler may not ignite for various reasons – insufficient pressure, clogged burner, faulty valves, frozen pipes and many more. The best solution is to hire qualified combi or conventional boiler repair engineers in Orangeville to handle the issue safely and quickly.
Gas valve. If the gas valve is faulty or blocked, it may not allow gas to pass through, which could prevent the boiler from igniting. If the gas valve does not close properly, gas may escape, creating a fire hazard.

The exact cause of the fault can only be determined by inspection of the unit by a licensed engineer and when it comes to the safety of you and your family, it’s best to entrust boiler repairs to certified pros. The reason is simple – they have the skills, experience and knowledge to solve problems more efficiently and safely. Don’t let boiler emergencies cause you any inconvenience. Contact us for sturdy boiler repairs in Orangeville and enjoy the comfort you deserve!

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