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Whether it’s a conventional tank or tankless water heater, both of them can perfectly integrate into any HVAC system, ensuring a steady supply of hot water in our homes. Tank ones are designed to heat and store a large quantity of water at once, making them accessible as needed and consuming energy even during a non-use period. In turn, on-demand units have lower energy consumption and do not require separate storage. However, the number of people using it at once is often limited.

Somehow, both of these systems are prone to faults and breakdowns, and therefore the most dependable way to avoid comfort disruption and inconvenience is to seek our superior water heater repair assistance in Innisfil. Using only advanced techniques and top-notch tools, our experienced experts can handle any issue, regardless of the model or manufacturer of your gas/electric device – so we deal with Rinnai, Rheem, Ecosmart, Navien, Bosch and other units. Call us now or schedule a visit online – our locals can assist you even on the same day!

What are the main tankless and tank water heater issues we repair in Innisfil?

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On arrival, our team always carries out a comprehensive diagnostic of the faulty HVAC unit aimed at uncovering the underlying issue you can’t detect visually. This procedure helps us to execute complex tank and tankless water heater repair in Innisfil and eliminates the following problems right the first time:

  • No hot water. Often, it is associated with faulty heating elements/thermostats (for tank ones), malfunctioning flow sensors and clogged heat exchangers (for tankless units). We will assess and address such a problem by replacing defective components and descaling the exchanger.
  • Water leakage. Depending on your unit type, this problem can occur due to corroded tanks, loose connections and broken heat exchangers. On-site, we will tighten the connections and fix faulty components, as well as suggest hot water tank repair or replacement in Innisfil.
  • Error code. Usually, this failure can be caused by various factors – from malfunctioning ignition systems and thermocouple issues to blocked vents and broken sensors. In order to fix it, our professionals will diagnose the root of the problem and take appropriate action – replace the components, restore/clean them or adjust the settings.
  • Strange odour. When it comes to tank water heaters, this issue may arise from bacterial growth due to sediment buildup in the storage. At the same time, weird smells in on-demand ones can occur due to damaged vents and gas leaks. To eliminate the odour, we will clean the tank (or replace the anode rod, if necessary), as well as fix the leaks to guarantee proper ventilation.

Rely on our specialists to get rid of the problem immediately – the personal approach during each Innisfil water heater repair is guaranteed!

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