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Nowadays, such an element of the HVAC system as a water heater undeniably plays a crucial role in maintaining your well-being, being a reliable source of hot water for various daily tasks. In order to make such a supply uninterrupted, even in case of wear-out or mechanical damage, our company offers same-day electric and gas water heater repair in Bradford, affordable for every Canadian.

Thanks to our specialists’ 5+ years of knowledge and up-to-date equipment, we can easily handle both tank and tankless devices. The key difference between the two units is the method of heating and storing water: if the first one has a storage tank designed to maintain a fixed amount of water at a set temperature, the tankless one, also known as an «on-demand» water heater, uses a heat exchanger to make the water warm instantly, eliminating the need to install additional storage. So, our specialists can fix both of them regardless of the model or brand – Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Ecosmart, and A.O. Smith.

What are the most common tankless and tank water heater faults we repair in Bradford?

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Contrary to the belief that DIY methods are more cost-effective, we oppose tank and tankless water heater repair on your own in Bradford for various reasons: from the high risk of injuries and device damage to voiding a manufacturer’s warranty. To avoid these potential complications, trust this process to our professionals, who will easily deal with the following:

  • Filters and pipes clogging. Water heaters are susceptible to damage and reduced water flow due to sediment and mineral deposits that build up in the filters and pipes over time. To get rid of them, we will flush the system, as well as clean the lines or replace blocked elements.
  • Failure of electronic sensors. Remember that faulty sensors occur due to incorrect temperature readings or erratic performance, and therefore such a problem requires an immediate response. To perform the Bradford water heater repair in this case, we will test the sensors and then change them using authentic ones.
  • Gas burners’ problems. Usually, gas burner failures result in various unpleasant consequences, such as overheating, inconsistent heating or an HVAC unit’s complete dysfunction. To restore optimal performance, we will clean or adjust the burners, as well as check the heater for gas leaks to ensure its reliable work.
  • Gas valve faults. This component regulates the gas flow and provides dependable safety mechanisms. Therefore its failure can not only lead to a «no heating situation» but also cause irreversible consequences for your property and health. To fix it, our experts will examine the gas valve, identify the source of the issue, and decide whether to restore or replace the damaged component.

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